‘Kill me!’


A medic assists seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers. One of them had his lower jaw torn off, and the second had multiple shrapnel wounds to his limbs. He screams and asks to finish him off.

The video was probably shot in April 2022, Bakhmut, Ukraine.

Full video in our Telegram channel.

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    1. Author

      Yes it is. There are more than 20 different PMCs and several ultra-fascist political associations in Russia.
      With the weakening of the central government, very tragic events can occur.

      1. I posted that because it’s starting to look like the beginning of what you were saying earlier, the merc-led civil war / government takeover attempt.
        Also, the Russian army and Wagner don’t see eye to eye? Why could that be?

        1. Author

          I do not think that this is a reason for an open war between departments. Rather, it is an isolated case.
          Wagner hates the troops of the Ministry of Defense for cowardice and lack of mutual assistance from the military personnel.
          Perhaps this hatred is mutual.
          Wagner fights much better than regular military men, they are better motivated financially.
          Prigozhin publicly and repeatedly insulted the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. He openly called them faggots. I guess that’s the point.

        2. Author

          Prigozhin’s big interview in summary:
          Belgorod region is partially controlled by the АFU (RVC)
          The governor of the Belgorod region is a bribe taker.
          Residents write letters to me: “Prigozhin come with Wagner, the authorities don’t give a damn about us.”
          This lieutenant colonel fired at the Ural car with 2 Wagner fighters. At the same time, he had 12 people and a company of shooters nearby. He was following someone’s orders. This lieutenant colonel is a deserter, but we don’t fight deserters.
          Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov is an alcoholic, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is mediocrity.
          APU broke through the front in Zaporozhye.
          We are losing the war.
          Generals are bribe-takers, the army is a big feeder. Of the 7,000 Russian generals, 6,800 must be stripped of their rank and sent to the front.
          A little more and the executions of generals will begin, as in 1941.
          The people will lift all this bastard on a pitchfork and ask them. And Wagner will help them with this.
          Putin is handsome and a hero.
          Wagner has a different structure where information about the real state first rises from the bottom up, is processed and comes down in the form of orders. In the Ministry of Defense, otherwise, and therefore they will not achieve success.
          In the army of the Russian Federation there is no respect for each other and officers from this personnel problems. The best shots come to Wagner.
          There are no ammunition because the Ministry of Defense does not order them, enterprises can produce them. I personally verified this.
          For something to change for the better, you need 3 things:
          1. The media must stop lying
          2. The people must see the truth and see clearly
          3. The political leadership of Russia must take certain steps (meaning the dismissal of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense).

          1. He sure is making an effort to project an image of integrity and relatability, such as caring about the common people, media propaganda brainwashing the people, corruption in the government, etc.
            Not sure if he is out of character here, or if he is really like this. Regardless, suprising honestly that he’s daring say all of this either way. He’s like a dog let loose from his chain.

          2. Author

            The comparison to a dog unleashed is pretty true. Prigozhin plays the role of a “bad guy”. But he is not alone in saying that the war is lost, more and more voices in propaganda are talking about it.
            Now we are talking about “honorable surrender.”
            At the same time, the Kremlin lives in its own illusions and believes in this nonsense that they speak.
            He works for his audience, those who are called “rednecks” in Russia.
            By the way, you will be interested – Prigozhin was brought up in a Jewish family. I’m sure he’s 95% Jewish.

  1. Joe Biden is a criminal for escalating this war from what could have been a backwater european land dispute into a titanic battle that will be fought to the last ukrainian

    1. Author

      Joe Biden has the same attitude to the unleashed war as the fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite has to the number of platypuses.
      This war is unleashed by Putin and no one else.
      For 30 years, no one had any doubts about the borders of Ukraine, and then suddenly, on February 24, 2022, a “land dispute” began?

      1. ok I think you’re just a random nigger in murica and you’re not russian. Putin Putin Putin all is his fault.

        usa and and the CIA, which has been known to foment revolutions and assassinations all over the world since its creation, has nothing to do with it. of course, they are the avengers, right ?! Hahahaha you idiot.

        1. “Have” been knownyou fucking moron. If you’re going to insult people in English, then at the very least learn the language first. And no, I’m not a nigger. I’m as white as the driven snow.

        2. Author

          Well, yes, everyone around is negros, but only you are the snow queen.
          So, snowflake, if in your opinion the CIA started the war, then this means that Putin is a CIA agent. Because Putin’s troops are now at war, not US troops at all.
          With conspiracy nonsense, contact your psychiatrist.

          1. I don’t think he’s saying that Putin is an explicit CIA agent, but that the CIA all around the world has been destabilizing regions/countries and outright igniting armed conflicts out of the shadows.
            Covert ops; training and arming paramilitary groups, propaganda campaigns and media manipulation, financing sympathetic media outlets, assassinations and targetted killings, list goes on.
            With their track record, it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that they have a hand in this war too.

          2. Author

            Every action has a motive. In fact, there are only 2 motives for certain actions and deeds – these are money and feelings.
            There are no other motives.
            And the first question that we must ask ourselves when building some kind of theory is what motive moved the CIA to start a war between Russia and Ukraine?
            Money? And where are they? So far, this war has only brought losses to American and European taxpayers.
            So this assumption is wrong.

          3. Well, I’ll argue that it’s not necessarily just money and feelings as you say. A very reasonable assumption would be the destabilization of the region for general security reasons, by simply taking out another regional power (Russia) out of the game by having you dig yourself in this socio-economical/political hole that you won’t get easily out of for who knows how long. Geopolitically, they do gain from this. Perhaps not directly, as you mentioned, but this prepares the ground for future geopolitical moves.
            Now, if I was to make a conclusion right now without all the info, I would agree with you that they didn’t start the war. “Start the war” meaning: them having completely or by large instigated it, whereas there would be no war otherwise. Nothing really points to this. If they did, Putin would himself be blaming them first-hand I think, yet the public is only getting irredentist propaganda about lost territory and Nazis and shit. Or maybe I’m wrong? Does Russian state propaganda ever mention the CIA or Americans? Key word here being state-sponsored propaganda, not random civilians’s beliefs they read on forums. I think I’ve heard on SSU intercepts a wife of a soldier saying “its the Americans” something something about bio-labs near the border, etc. ?

          4. Author

            No. Trust my over 10 years of investigative experience.
            There are no other motives other than feelings and money.
            Official Russian propaganda says that Russia is at war with NATO, that fascists and drug addicts have settled in Kyiv, and now (in the light of recent events in the Belgorod region) it is not easy for us.
            It is curious that the CIA is not mentioned at all in the propaganda. The constant narrative is “NATO troops”, “mercenaries (Polish, American)”, “everything is going according to plan”.
            At the same time, even pro-government Z-patriots openly laugh at this in Russian social networks.
            Over the past 100 years, the United States saved Russia three times, in the 20s from hunger, in the 40s from the invasion of Nazi Germany, in the 90s again from hunger.
            And I have no illusions about this.
            Of course, these guys counted their money and in the end it turned out that it was more profitable to help Russia than to have next to them … according to the list – a communist infection, a Nazi country, hungry and impoverished ragamuffins with nuclear weapons.

          5. What about Afghanistan, Poland Solidarity, Radio Free Europe/Liberty ?
            Need I remind you that the US is supporting Ukraine here, from financial aid, to weapons and equipment, training, logistics support, humanitarian aid, and so on.
            Mind you, they aren’t taking serious actions to stop this whole circus. They are letting it draw out slowly and painfully for everyone involved. Granted, Ukraine is not a NATO member, but neither was South Vietnam

          6. Author

            The United States never does what is not profitable for them. It is beneficial for them that the loyal regime of Zelensky survive, it is not beneficial for them when Russia is controlled by a madman with nuclear weapons.
            Comparisons with Vietnam and Afghanistan seem inappropriate to me. These countries were in the midst of a civil war.
            As for Solidarity and similar organizations, this was again done out of selfish motives.
            It is much more profitable to trade and have a government loyal to the United States as allies. I don’t see anything reprehensible in this.

          7. Well we don’t disagree on anything here really. This whole discussion has an argumentative tone but so far we’re just agreeing with eachother.
            Reason I brought Vietnam up is, they officially entered that war and bombed the bejesus out of the commies. There’s no reason why they couldn’t actively enter that war, such as for example being “Ukraine is not in NATO”, as people like to say. Why does the US care who’s in NATO or not? It’s just a piece of paper. The AGMs and bombs will burn that piece of paper and there you go. Again, the actual reasons are different, such as risk and cost, and it being absolutely a waste of manpower when Ukraine is already doing a decent job with just the bare minimum effort from the side of the West, simply donations. The bare minimum you can do that is still pretty efficient and before you have to get your own hands dirty.

          8. Author

            I believe that in the United States they know how to count money and, assessing direct intervention, they are not in a hurry with this.
            However, against the backdrop of the explosion of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam, more and more voices in the West are talking about NATO’s direct entry into the conflict.
            At least the Baltic countries and Poland can do it.
            If Ukraine were a NATO member, Putin would never have dared to attack. You remember what is written in the NATO charter.
            Yes, that’s right, with the help of Ukrainian fighters, the West is opposing the Putin regime.
            I don’t see any downsides to this.

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