Brutal killing out of jealousy


The guy had deep feelings for the girl who was busy. Passions ran high and the guy killed the girl with two shots to the head.

In order not to leave witnesses, the killer shot two more men. The police are now looking for him.

Taguig, Philippines.


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  1. She had a chance to escape, was just unlucky.

    1. I did a little digging on this chick. Turns out she was a OFW or a Other Foreign Worker in Phillipines. She was about to leave the guy with another dude to Japan where she could suck Rich Dicks every night. The perpetrator was an ex navy personal and had guns. He used his gun to stop the whore from travelling to Japan permanently.

      1. Saw her facebook profile, she maybe a cheating bitch who recently died but also i fap and jizz onto her picture. HHMMMMM…. so good 🍆💦

        1. Facebook profile? Please post a link here cuz i couldn’t find it.

          1. right here my man,
            she’s Angelica Marie Belina who’s 25yr old and a pretty slut

            feel free to fap and jizz onto her pictures just as i died even though she recently died but she deserves it :D

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          2. @FUCK THOTS, Thanks man. Holy shit i am having a throbbing hard on.

  2. I know how manipulative women can be. They play with a guy’s feelings, giving him hope of a relationship, while cock riding another guy . This type of bitch that friend zones weak guys. This bitch thought she could escape this time as well. But bullets travel faster than thots. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Wow why so much hate a young women was killed? A pointless killing? Seems like this site is full of some real pieces of shit commenters. I came to see the real horrors of the Ukraine war and fell down the rabbit hole. After reading multiple comments people left on here they shock me more then the contents. This site could be a place for truth and a eye opener on the harsh reality of the world…. But judging by the vile comments left by bitter sick people, seems like people are just getting off on it. I truly hope the vile cunts on here never lose a loved one in a tragic way, and have degenerate cunts mocking.

    1. Author

      This kind of content always attracts people with strange tendencies. Too bad you weren’t ready for this.

      1. Is it strange though? We’re vile animals at the end of the day. I think this is a human at his most base nature. All the other fluffy shit is just a societal and cultural barrier and mechanism to keep people in line. We’re artificially tamed, like chemical engineers add stabilizers to explosives to make them safer and practical to use.
        We are evil, selfish, greedy, by nature, and because it provides the most utility (most practical and useful). Being good isn’t economical

        1. Author

          We are forced to live by the rules established by society. Can you imagine what would happen if people who hate each other on a racial, national or gender basis ceased to be afraid of responsibility?

          1. No, of course, social order is a good thing. All I’m saying is, a person with the opportunity to do something evil, without repercussion, would probably do it. Are you familiar with the Milgram Experiment?

        2. Utility is the Final Solution!

    2. my NIGGA ERIC, stop being your sister’s/mom’s pussy and realize the girl who was shot and died in this video deserves it. she was cheating an ex-navy who shot her with a pistol and also 2 other witnessess and fled

      hell i’d do the same thing and bring a shotgun and blow the brains of my girlfriend who decided to cheat on me and then i’ll shove a knife in her vagina and twist it into satisfaction

      those PINOY PIGS

      1. Women nowadays cause MEN to fight against eachother. By cheating, etc. It’s time Men must unite.

        1. Would you fuck someone’s girl if you had the chance?

    3. I retract all my negative comments after seeing her Fb. She was just like another normal girl everywhere. I hope the shithead who killed her gets arrested soon and made an example out of in court of justice.

  4. Love to see this cheating bitch naked and raped, that would be delicious 🤤👅

      1. that is Angelica Maria Belina, 25yr old who was shot by her ex-boyfriend who is cheating on him by leaving him by going to Japan that what i heard about, the shooter is also an ex-navy and still wanted since the Taguig City shooting incident

        1. Why are you people so glad about her dying? Are you this glad when it’s a guy? This reeks of personal sexual failures

  5. Man i feel sad after seeing her FB. She seemed such a lively person. She also seem to have kids. Sad that she got involved with the the ex navy shithead who couldn’t control his impulses. 😡😡😡

    1. bruh? you serious? you have such of a naive mind that you don’t realize that she cheated a ex-navy guy the one who shot her for a japanese guy as she was planning to leave to japan and dump the ex boyfriend. so yeah i’d do the same thing and shoot her if i find out she’s dick riding another man

      how would you like it if your girlfriend having an affair with another man and leave you? what do you do? you should shoot of course

  6. I retract all my negative comments after seeing her Fb. She was just like another normal girl everywhere. I hope the shithead who killed her gets arrested soon and made an example out of in court of justice.

  7. Cheating whore still have kids in her country and yet wanted to find rich dicklet japanese guys. She deserved that shit

    1. i AGREE AMEN! 🙌

      I still fap and jizz her picture though

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