Man kills woman big knife


An accidental witness managed to shoot a video in which a man armed with a huge meat cleaver kills a woman. He just chops the unfortunate woman to pieces. It is a heartbreaking sight with the sounds of pounding and the screams of the killer.
Probably China.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. This is the second video I am seeing of a chinese man attacking the woman with a meat cleaver.

  2. i am chinese ,the man who in the video is a mentally ill man.His wife cheated on him.This is rare in China, where 1.4 billion people have idiots.

    1. How do you do it, but no one reports it? Chinese bastard country class

    2. 噢!老乡,我要劝你别使用疼讯软件,因为他们会官房盗号,我就被删过游戏装备,这该死的企业不肯还给我!

    3. You mean it’s rare that it is filmed like this. Still I get you’re point, It’s logical we’ll see more Chinese vids of anything actually. You guys are with so many. Makes it kind off scary..

      I can only hope you’ll do good when taking over world dominance. At this moment you guys are not really proving it will get better, the way China handles human rights and fair trade. Really hope this will change. Greetings from Europe.

      1. You sound like a bitch, appealing to some chink’s good nature.

        “Please don’t kill me when you get the upper hand, greetings ^^”.

        Look into TRT.

  3. China is fucking state of mind

  4. Why not kick that sick asshole in the head, instead of filming this cruel act!!

  5. Gotta love those chinesies

    Those fuckers do NOT give a fuck about anyone else

  6. E îngrozitor trebuie făcut ceva cu China legi dure

  7. 老实人非常可怕,他们平时和蔼可亲,但如果过分激怒他,伤害他,他就会和你拼命

  8. 剁成肉泥了! 菜刀很厉害的,还用那么大的力气, 应该是活不了了。

  9. Fuck, it’s pretty brutal. Go China!

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