Corpses of Palestinian children


Several children were injured as a result of the Israeli retaliatory attack on the Gaza Strip. Palestinians are calling for the ‘Israeli Zionists’ to be brought to justice.

Israel, Palestine, Gaza.

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  1. If this happened to my child, I would want to destroy the Israelis too!


    1. Author

      Watch your hands: Arab terrorists come to Israeli territory, kill civilians, women, children, old people and in general everyone who comes across them.
      What reaction did you expect from Israel? That the IDF will feed Palestinian children ice cream?
      And when Israel began terraforming the Gaza Strip through air strikes, a bunch of Palestinians jumped out in response and shook their dead babies in the hope of stopping the “Israeli Zionists.”

      Hey fuck, finally wake up!

      1. The extermination of jews should proceed with the oldest jews first, they are usually the wealthiest ones who stir shits and poison the young minds and the world with lies.

        God for sure is taking action NOW….these wealthy and power-abusing jewish rule and law makers will be ASSasSINated by their own security details….only they know the exact locations of these top tier jews

  3. War rages across the world as the libtards passively go as lambs to slaughter, I say, destroy the libtard where you find him! They support godless communism they support BLM terror they support Hamas terrorism. The future of humanity, me, grinding the faces of libtards into pavement forever with my jackboots. For what they have done to my poor slavs, scared shivering on their primeval tundra and taiga! They are antihuman, demonic, they stink of Belial, they are causing mass deaths with drugs violent crime vaccines. All I wanted is some tame internet pornography but I can’t find what I want!

  4. admin why u see half of the cup well if you are still a baby i will lecture you about history a lebanese who saw how isreal greed of lands and power occypied my country for years and only forced to fallback with only hizbollah and lebanese resistance not the us or the western bs nor you
    our people saw horrible shit worse than this so dont come and tell us about what hamas did this is just small piece of the iceberg isreall occpy their lands too killing people daily and torture thousands of incoents even kids in the jails well when i see why whole family is being killed daily and my house is taken by force by a mf jew who think god have gave him this land and this mf is born in Europe font know shit about middle east then come to my place and torture my family and force me be silent nooo i will not do like hamas did i will do much much more worse 2nd check the history of civilians death by isreal since 1948 and then lecture us about kids and civilans 3rd isreal killed a journalist by a direct shell while they reporting in the south and u know bcz ur having a sick website why didnt u post his guts and broken body parts its all over the internet and will look nice on ur shity ass website nah u wont do it cuz ur just like other westerns

    1. I’m a Westerner and I’d like Israel to be brutally genocided for their sins. Not all Westerners support Israel. Many white nationalists like me don’t.

    2. Who is invading your fucking country, retard? Israel has entered lebanon in 2000 because your stupid arab ass decided to send a few missiles over the border and got retaliated, nobody wants that small ass piece of insignificant land that is called lebanon.

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