Nude corpse of chinese girl

Probably a forensic expert examining the naked corpse of a beautiful Chinese woman.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Future autopsy says she ate poisoned egg roll? Dolla fo 2?

    1. Loooooooooooollzzzzz

  2. She still warm. Get in while is fresh

  3. All asiams should be dead. Nastiest race of animal’s on earth.

      1. 冷静点,邓小平的儿子。

    1. 傻逼东西,你妈从嘴里生的你吗?你妈妈刚刚死了吗?

      1. 放轻松,伙计。你为什么这么咄咄逼人?并且请用英文写。

    2. Says the nastiest person on Earth. You must be eradicated too, with no traces to remember you.

    3. What’s wrong with you, our RACE is Human what race is an option that made you say RACE.

    4. Are you gay!? Asian girls are HELLA hot, they are the most beautiful girls on planet earth, you must be a homo faggot

    5. I dont want to say fuck you or fuck your mother cause I dont want to pollute my pure chinese gine Any races shouldnt die but any racist should immmdiately die into ash and burn to lava in hell.


    7. 小逼崽子我操你妈的,敢不敢和我比划比划,操你妈的,我不仅操了你妈,还操你姥姥,操你奶奶,操你大爷,操你祖宗,你他妈生儿子做乞丐,生女儿做妓女,全家死光

      1. 你是我爹,你操了自己爸妈,你也死了蛤蛤蛤

    8. Bruh I’m not going to say the Chinese are saints or perfect like every other person on the planet but to hate everyone just because many look like brainless monkeys praising the jailer is a bit extremist.
      Also many Chinese have their charm so I don’t quite agree with what you are saying.

    9. You’ve made a mistake by posting that comment

  4. Was undressing her absolutely necessary for the investigation?

    1. Absolutely not, as a Chinese, I can be responsible to tell you, absolutely not!It’s not the police or the justice department. It’s the criminals, okay?This case I did not hear in the country, the girl may die suddenly!

    2. It was necessary to do so despite what our Chinese friend says undressing a corpse is necessary to see if it has bumps, marks, etc. 
      It is a procedure that is always done and normally people don’t see it unless photos like this are leaked, and these photos are taken by the forensics, so the justice department and the police are partly responsible that these photos are leaked.

      BTW it makes me laugh how the Chinese idealize their country so much that they try to say that it is perfect and without corruption.

  5. Man what a beautiful teen girl. I would get in while she is still fresh before she starts to putrefy.

  6. 化个妆可以上,我要在她的肛门小便

  7. Wtf is this comment section pure degenerate LITERALLY pure degeneracy. Scums assholes. I’m asian girl but seriously wtf is wrong with our race?

    1. Gore sites are usually filled with the absolute scum of the earth. It’s better if they live out their fantasies here, than in real life.

    2. Shut your filthy cracker mouth

  8. She’s so cute 10/10 waifu material

  9. Whats with the Chinese comments on here?
    It’s funny they’re threatening someone, while being 165cm and 60kg.

  10. It is wired that a bunch of subhuman are arguing about racism. Come on,you are watching dead girls instead of hook and fuck an alive one, and all these subhuman cowards even pretend that they care about racism.
    Including me

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