The extreme form of ichthyosis in an infant.
Ichthyosis is a genetic skin disease, a mutation. It is characterized by the appearance of keratinization of the skin, similar to fish scales.
There are 28 types of ichthyosis.

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  2. Poor thing, I feel kinda sorry for it.

    1. same man, sad to see this stuff could actually happen. I really wish nobody in this world to go through such a thing as that baby.

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  5. Hel.!
    I noticed that often patients with Harlequin ichthyosis – well, such a type of sore, as in the same video or similar, go in for sports – or even noticed that specifically football and / or similar sports and, so to speak, in different positions: how, for an example is a rugby judge 🏉, then the dream is to be a rugby player, sometimes they play football with bandy at the Special Olympics (both in the Winter Games and in the Summer Games), then something else can happen to them.
    Of course, that’s all if they live to the appropriate age: this disease is already rare and will be born with it, it’s a rarity, all the more there are a lot of chances to die very early and live long, on the contrary, because T. i., there is little chance (already many centenarians with this disease, or how to call them, have died before this point in time).
    Although, maybe this is a coincidence, because I noticed that not everyone goes in for any sport

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