Neurofibromatosis. Are you sure God loves you?

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disease characterized by the appearance of neurofibromas, benign tumors that cover the face and body. Occurs in 1/50,000 births.

First, the baby develops brown spots, which eventually increase and turn into newly formed tumors.

In developed countries, neurofibromatosis is treated with laser therapy and surgical removal of tumors.

Neurofibromatosis is often associated with meningitis and brain cancer. People with neurofibromatosis live up to 65 years.

Now we know how Groot appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

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  1. if i had that i rather kill myself

    1. It said that this disease is genetic, which means that people who had this disease somehow managed to reproduce and have children. So I ask you wtf, wtf, wtf. wtf is wrong with the human race, that anyone would have sex with someone like that. Like seriously wtf, this problem should have never survived to the modern era. The humans are a depraved and evil race indeed, to reproduce with something like that

      1. Some traits are recessive, or rather not mendellian but polygenetic in nature, so the gene could be passed down without being shown phenotypically but rather possesed genetically

        1. But one have to do it with one of them at some point, than until some generations later it shows up. Or else how would we know it genetic.

          1. Not exactly, if the conditions are right, and the genes responsible for this disease are ordered correctly, then two parents without this disease or with anyone in their family could in fact have a child with it.

  2. that look like something from the last of us

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