Chinese man boils a dog alive


This is a very strange short video. A man of Asian appearance boils a live dog in a cauldron and pours sauce over it. The dog barks piteously. The background reports that this is a Chinese man cooking a live dog, but there are doubts about this because the carcass of the dog has not been skinned or skinned.

The Chinese tend to eat live animals. China has strange tastes for Europeans.

However, perhaps this man gives the dog a hot bath with a massage and sprinkles it with a rose-scented flea remedy.

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  1. 农家乐,美味,如果他们哪一天无法区分动物和人,倒霉的就是我们

    1. You Chinese people should be boiled alive

      1. 在那之前他们会先操你麻痹hahah

        1. Opium Wars.

          “In the early 1800s, opium was being illegally imported into China (mainly by Britain), which eventually sparked confrontations over foreign trade. China’s rulers, the Qing Dynasty, badly misjudged their strength in relation to Britain, which used “gunboat diplomacy” to force China to open to international trade.”

          “…The “gunboat diplomacy” that followed saw China
          lose a series of battles across two wars, with the Qing
          forced to make severe concessions in what became
          known as the “unequal treaties.” These stoked
          resentment in China and inflicted lasting humiliation
          that even today affects Chinese relations with
          Western powers.”

          A little history lesson for you subhuman manlet gooks.

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  3. good on the chinese, dogs are filthy disgusting animals, its their culture, who are we in the west to blame china for eating dogs, they probably think we are all fat ugly people who eat KFC and mcdonalds, its their country their culture they can do what the hell they want, im sick of people tleling others whats right and whats wrong, like the US telling russia they are wrong, well would the US like it if china started building bases in mexico or cuba or the bahamas of course not, yet the arrogant yankee tells russia it should be ok with NATO all around it, i hope CHINA and RUSSIA join forces with IRAN and Belarus and teach the US a lesson

    1. In Russia, a crazy street hooligan from the gateway is in power. You do not live in Russia and do not understand what is happening.
      Right now, Putin attacked Ukraine, and the US and the whole world are trying to stop him.

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  4. not all Chinese are bad but I’m not Chinese but I hated does Chinese attitude why they eat dog they don’t have anything to eat are fucking up?

    1. So it’s ok to torture and eat cows but not dogs? What’s the difference?

      1. Cow taste better, I would know

      2. No, russian subhuman, dogs aren’t meant for eating. And it’s not ok to torture either one. You’re one stupid motherfucker, are all of you this stupid?

  5. Cows and pigs are mostly for human consumption while dogs are for mostly human companionship. I assume these ugly slateyed gooks in the comments have become too stupid to understand that. Be civilized first before you speak, subhuman chink.

  6. 虽然我是中国人,但是我真的惧怕了,中国人自古就有这种习惯,为了美味去残杀动物,陋习应该改正,真的。一些中国人也会偏激看待西方,当然有些西方人也会偏激看待中国。希望能和平相处,无论人种,只有理性的人和愚蠢之人的区分。

    1. 对的,中国已经提倡不吃狗肉了

  7. Seriously? This man is savage like a primitive tribe! Dogs are people’s friends and are not used to kill (unless it’s a bad dog). I’m now traveling in Shenzhen, China, and in my opinion Chinese not all of them love to eat live animals. This is a big step forward for them

    1. And why are dogs specifically supposed to be people’s friends and not animals like cows or chicken

  8. I’m not even going to try. no matter where you go on this website, 60/100 of the comments are just racist. i will agree what he is doing is wrong, but the fact that the commenters somehow manage to cherry pick Asian individuals on this site and use them to justify their racism is just absurd. Note: if you disagree with me chances are your racist.

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  9. rani nestena kach kelb y3adni bach tekhlas 3lih haka

  10. I understand that people don’t have any acess to good food but atleast kill the dog before cooking it

  11. Guys, I got some news. I think I’m in loved with Boiled, The Chink dog. There needs to be a romantic film about a puppy who got sawed in half making love to a Boiled mutt. Do it now or I saw you in half.

  12. I like how Animal Gore brings all people together to start bitching amd fighting with eachother via empty threats and seeing who can say the most shit. Me? I’ll just smoking a doobie and sucking my own puppy dick ever since I got sawed in half, lol.

  13. Deserved. There’s so many videos of dogs killing/severely injuring people so watching this is super satisfying.

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