Dog bit off a woman’s face


The dog ate the woman’s face. This is a pretty famous video. What really happened and why the medium-sized dog was able to inflict such injuries is unknown, but the woman has no facial tissue at all.


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  1. In China it’s either ear or be eaten

  2. This is a clear sign that you should desist from boiling dogs alive, you bunch of barbarians.
    Well done dog, couldn’t have picked a better target than the face to rip to shreds.

  3. lol these Communist Chinese yellow people bastards deserves it, they eat cats and dogs, not they eat chinese bastards


  4. It’s letting off steam like a tiitan

  5. I would not let my dog eat certain crap, I love him and I care about his diet

  6. 9alek chinwia djat rayha takol klb klaha hadi hia

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