Belarusian oppositionist shot KGB officer


A supporter of the Belarusian opposition, 32-year-old Andrei Zeltser, during a search of his apartment, shot a KGB officer with a hunting rifle.

In the video, employees of the Belarusian KGB storm the apartment of Zeltser, who shoots at one of the operational officers.

Last summer, there were massive protests in Belarus after the current president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, falsified the election results, as a result of which he remained president for a new term.

Mass repression of protest activists, searches and arrests soon followed.

It is reported that Andrei Zeltser, who worked at the IT company EPAM Systems, was shot dead.

Andrey Zeltser
Andrey Zeltser

In social networks, there is an opinion that this staged video has traces of editing and was published in the telegram channel by the supporters of Alexander Lukashenko, which gives him the moral right to toughen the repression against the opposition.

President Lukashenko himself has already spoken about this: “This murder will not go unpunished.”

Belarus, Minsk.

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  1. > Last summer, there were massive protests in Belarus

    Don’t mention the US/NATO/Soros funded colour revolutions, with “protesters” trained and funded.

    Disappeared once the NGOs were thrown out. Must be a coincidence.

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