In the Kuban, the number of rapes of Cossacks by Dagestanis has decreased

Cossacks were raped by Dagestanis

For 11 months of this year in the Krasnodar Territory, people from Dagestan raped by 24.3 percent fewer Cossacks than in the same period last year. This was announced by the press center of the regional police department.

The law enforcement agencies of the Kuban began to separately take into account sexual crimes against the Cossacks four years ago, when a Cossack circle with the participation of 20 thousand people took place in the center of Krasnodar. In a circle, the Cossacks harshly demanded that the police protect their sexual integrity from the tyranny of the Dagestanis. The regional police department had to take measures – the regional police departments were obliged to submit a monthly report on the number of rapes of the Cossacks.

Until 2019, inclusive, the indicator grew steadily by 10-11 percent per year, and in 2020 it fell by almost a quarter. Skeptics argue that this decline is not due to police successes, but to coronavirus restrictions, which make rapists and potential victims less likely to leave the house. Despite this, the heads of the police headquarters and regional departments have already been nominated for the awarding of the Officer’s badge “200 years of the Kuban Cossack army”.


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