Suicide. Man trying to hang himself


The dude is trying to commit suicide by hanging himself by the neck. At this time, another man tries to stop him. All this happens to the screams and crying of children off-screen.

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  1. Another improper hanging. Notice how he’s trying to fight it mid way through. Because it’s our human responsibility to stay alive. At least don’t do it infront of your kids, lowlife

    1. Well its not like someone wants to die its just that living like that seems to be much worse than death. Also according to a psychologist 3 Things must align for an Individual to kill himself. One must feel like a burden to everyone else, feel emotionally detached from everyone else and finally overcome the fear of death or even be In a fearless state like many people experience it when their depression gets better. So considering these emotions atleast explains why he did that maybe not excuse idk.

      1. Don’t see an explanation for him doing it in front of his kids. That shows you how much he cared for his own offspring. If you’re dumb and/or weak, you will suffer through life. If you’re unhealthy because of lack of physical activity, shit diet, not doing what needs to be done in general, being weak in general, then you will suffer. Yes, we all get dealt shit hands at times, but killing yourself is too extreme. Some people wake up and put a gun to their head, and in that moment realize “whatever I’m going through, it’s better than dying”, and this realization gives them strength. In that moment, they own up and take responsibility for their shit situation. And with that I don’t mean they say “it’s my fault”, but they own the situation, embrace the pain, stop comparing their situation to others and realize your life is your own, with it’s unique set of problems, and get to work. Navy Seals have a saying “embrace the suck”.

        Also, most of the time, when asking people why they want to kill themselves, they dare not say because most of the time they know it’s some lame fucking reason, when you actually look at it.
        People who were abused or bullied have their respect and self esteem stripped away, and this causes them significant pain. You remedy this by getting physically/financially strong so that you can defend yourself and even attack others who dare fuck with you. There you go, sense of control regained.
        Cheated on by your partner? Move on, realize they weren’t the person you thought they were. Also keep in mind that the pain you’re feeling from “heartbreak” is withdrawal from potent chemicals in your head that are there to further our species. Oxytocin, serotonin, vasopressin, dopamine, testosterone, oestrogen. A potent dose of this will fuck anyone up, as it commonly does. It’s as potent as heroin. Still no reason to kill yourself.

        Also, life by default is hard. Unhappiness is more common than happiness. Killing yourself takes you out of certain life into uncertain something. Who knows what comes after. I’d rather have pain in this world than eternal emptiness. I’d rather have moderate pain in this world than eternal hellfire in an Abrahamic afterlife due to suicide.
        I know some of you here are suicidal so I hope this wall of text helps someone.

  2. Selfish nigger hanged himself without thinking about his kids. What a loser

  3. It was a young boy trying to stop him, not a man, probably his older son.

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