Woman hanging herself under CCTV camera


Due to financial problems, a woman committed suicide by hanging herself on a scarf. At this time, the surveillance camera was turned on and relatives could watch the death agony, reminiscent of an Indian dance.



If you decide to commit suicide by hanging, remember to put your pelvis under your feet first because when you hang, your bowel and bladder muscles will relax and the contents of your excretory system will fall on the floor. Your relatives will not be delighted to wash your urine and feces off the floor.

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  1. INDIA?? I’m also Indian LMFAO 🤣, nicely gymnastics.. hurray

  2. Another botched and painful hanging. The very last thing she did, still fucked it up

  3. The stupid indian music playing in the background makes it even funnier 😂🤣

  4. Hey admin why can’t i downlaod this video ?

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