Brutal executions of drug cartels. Scalped


A living man was scalped and skinned from his face, and then his heart was cut out. At the same time, the victim was conscious and did not die from pain shock.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Definitely one of the craziest videos this year, which is saying something. Makes me want to prepare more for the upcoming race war, or really when the slow-burning one finally becomes an apocalyptic conflict. See what will happen. Every day the slumbering giant that is the white race gets a little closer to awakening with every crime committed against us, with every fentanyl death, with rage at being lied to about unsafe mRNA vaccines, every cartel video, every child exposed to queers and anti-white hatred and violence by non-whites in school. When the time is right whites with our americanized asian fuckdolls and jewish shiksa sexpots will dab on all haters and show you just how loco we can really get.

    Free the January 6 Patriot-Heros, some probably literally getting raped by blacks in notoriously rapey Washington DC jails. Also Hitler had to invade USSR to destroy Judeo-Bolshevism.
    That said Russia greatest country. The true threat to the west is now from NWO controlled governments EU and USA, not Russia.

    1. Black and brown races shall be extriminated.
      Only the Yelllow Mongolied and Caucasian pure whites shall be allowed to live on this planet.
      In all of history and all that mankind has achieved in form of innovation, expansion, culture, philosophy, science and technology is almost entirely made by Asians and Europeans.

      1. Why not follow the Count Kalergi instead and create a eurasian-negroid race? By selectively breeding the best bloodlines we will create a trans-national elite. One world government in all but name. Rigorous education and military training, and a state of perpetual conflict with their inferiors will create an elite spiritual warrior-class. They will end this charade called democracy and we will expunge all who do not effectively serve the masses. Can you imagine, the vivacity of the latin race, the primordial rhythm of the africans, the implacable nature of the mongoloid, the neurotic genius of the jews, and the soaring faustian spirit of the aryans all combined together?

        1. Why not just admit you’re a fucking kike?

          Why would someone want to sully his superior blood with inferior subhuman blood?
          Tell you what, let’s try your experiment on Israel first, a couple centuries, see how it goes, then we’ll see from there.
          This goes for LGBTQ support, genital mutilation surgeries, and all the other leftist policies and directions that the West is being pushed into.

          1. I’m not a Jew and I believe in Jesus Christ as redeemer of mankind. I was raised that way. I just sometimes like to advocate for things I strongly disagree with because I’m a troll at heart. I denounce the great replacement, COVID tyranny, all dysgenic practices, the proxy war against Russia and the psychological warfare against whites that tells us we are uniquely evil. I find the most fucked up videos to comment on because I know everything I say will be given special emphasis there.

    2. @LibtardWrecker,

      Years ago on 1 youtube interview with this KKK leader in the States, this gentleman is quite educated and talk sense and well-manner, but the interviewer, possibly a kike or kike lover, tried to convince the viewers he’s a violent man.

      Every cultured race is entitled to their own believes, and be protected either by themselves or with the assistance from other racial groups of equivalent wisdom.

      Believe it or not, many nations in the East including ‘rival’ China DO NOT want to see the Western ‘civilization’ fail, they still regard the West as role model in some areas.

      The wars in the 18th century East Asia were all started by the kikes, for profits, those royal families in Europe were just collecting $ from the jews, they would rather be fucking in their comfortable Victorian chambers than travelling to the East on dangerous waters.

      Victoria’s Secret: The Queen was fucking some hindu faggot chefs, and now the secret ends up in someone’s dirty underwear… who brought the hindu fags over?? The kikes.

      Moral of the story…..never let a woman run a country, especially with kikes around showering with $ and sweet talks….will take many years and generations to repair the damages done.

  2. Satan is a gay loser and it’s only his fault that demons suffer and will be executed like this dude because he’s a failure.

    1. respekt satan , he made you sonny boy

  3. This is really one of the most insane execution videos I have ever seen

  4. One of the craziest execution videos I’ve ever seen

  5. What’s the point of wasting time cutting up these scumbags, just to release your anger or trying to frighten others in order to prove you are brave ??? Not only such brutal act won’t calm your anger within, you will turn yourself as a sub-human butcher and lose respect from others… sane person including your family members will stand next to you, only cowards will stand next to you, use your ‘skill’ to kill others and ready to use you as human shield. And the environment will continue to be unsafe.

    Personally, to end these scumbags lives in an extrajudicial manner under the current failed judicial system worldwide run by jews, with any kind of weapons or bare hands, the effective way is to end their lives in the quickest and simplest ways, an L2A3 with a short burst or quick draw of a kukri knife will do the job, and you can move on to other scumbags, that way you can resolve the situation rapidly and hopefully restore some social order.

    The objective is to create a safe environment for everyone. Remember, the jews, hindus and niggers ‘desire’ a chaotic environment so they can make money out of fears from ordinary folks. You don’t have to be on the so-called righteous side, but make sure that you are not on the wrong side. That takes education from people who know how to impart the morally correct and practical useful knowledge.

    1. The cartels in South America don’t operate on such a high mental frequency. To them it’s simple: the more brutal the murder, the tougher they think they look. Also, it shows that the undesirable has been caught and made an example of, and if you’re a rival gang, it has to make you stop for a second and start thinking about yourself in that position, how it could be you too.

      Also, the West has no interest in ending them. They get their drugs, and money too. They get to sell their weapons, and get paid to provide training.
      Mind you, the Cartels are already warring with the police and militaries of their respective countries.
      And they usually win too.
      They look like savages here in the woods all bloody but Cartels are serious organisations with a lot of resources. It’s serious business and there’s a lot of money going on.

      To truly end them, the US would have to seriously close off the borders and patrol every body of water in the vicinity and the routes.
      They are very decentralized.

      This article shows that killing the leaders usually just results in more factions. One would have to kill everybody. And you would have to come in with attack helicopters and wipe them off the face of the earth.

      Or simply kill the business. Make it impossible to generate money. Support the governments with money, training and resources. Educate them.
      But alas, the illegal drug trade has grown to be a serious cancer and unless excised will continue to poison the whole body

  6. @Final Solution,

    Just for discussions on strategy …….closing borders may not solve this cross-border drug problems, and the logistics on US side could be a huge burden….if there is a demand for white powder, the ‘suppliers’ will always find a way to get there, let alone some rats will help along the ways. The price per kilo already exceeded Gold price by a great margin for many years, and it’s definitely not just money to be made, American chemical engineering students are more than capable to produce such product, but guess it’s more ‘morally-correct’ to let the Columbians or Mexicans to do the jobs…… possibly the motives are more on destruction of a nation or race, most likely plotted by jews [some of you already identified the target, I don’t regard them as ‘racists’], as Marcus Cicero once said “A nation cannot survive treason from within…..possibly refering to ancient jews”. Kikes are smart but are also evil and revengeful, nothing good come out from their ‘intelligence’ except selling opium, human tracfficking (slave trades), white powders, porns (good entertainment BTW), FaceHook (created by holocaust survivor someBerg) and create A-bomb etc. The current Russia-Ukraine war in Europe is proof these kikes are taking revenge for whatever happened during WW2 when European nations ditched them to Hitler despite the facts that they’d already been persecuted in Europe for past many centuries and still not learned the lessons. The ‘minorities’ jews niggers hindus will always curse others as racists, the nations that accpeted them in good faith, in return they cause chaos in those nations and then run away. God is watching them and retribution will be upon them in a profound way possibly very quick. Some faith is needed to keep a person sane in troubled time.

    An example why closing the border may not work…… The Great Wall of China….this mega project was actually built by different dynasties over many centuries to stop the northern Mongols from looting during summers, but proved to be ineffective. ‘Eventually’, 2 major strategies were executed: One was to continue to fight them just to wear them out, Another was to ‘invite’ some Mongols into China and get influenced by the local culture and be treated as ‘friends’. The project was stopped around 17th century and most border guards were able to return to their hometowns for more productive and profitable works. Both strategies must go in tandem.

    The DEA and the administrations, IF they really have vested interest in protecting their homes and their country, might want to modify and incorporate the second strategy into their operations. There are lots of $ involved or seized by DEA and their counterparts worldwide, so it all depends how the heads of these departments look at money and its meaning……integrity & temptation check…an enemy or freind within every man.

    It’s akin to this website that allows visitors, ‘good and bad’, to voice out whatever they think as opposed to other sensored sites, the purpose of this site is unknown…maybe the DEA FBI or equivalent is looking for solutions too, or could be a trap, but you always find some real good ones in the comment sections, and The Final Solution to all these social problems would be carried out tactically in a careful way.

    1. Closing the borders consequently means patrolling the border as well, with automated drones if need be. The US has no shortage of money, so whenever they say money is an issue, one just needs to point to fuckup decisions where money is going down a bottomless pit. I’m sure there’s lots of those instances.
      The reason for closing the border would be the obvious: the War on Drugs. Obviously it’s not being taken serious. Is it a “war” or not?

      There wasn’t a demand for white powder until someone introduced it. Why don’t I have a demand for white powder? You close off the valve and let the fiends die if need be. And there won’t be another source of it if proper measures are taken. There will be if people keep doing their job half-assed, which will always be the case because people are just all around pathetic maggots. There are government agencies and aparatus’ that keep this sort of evil at bay, but if people themselves are rotten from inside, its already over. I attribute this to lack of faith and lack of fear in God. As you said yourself, some faith is necessary, but not just to get through tough times, but to keep this a whole nation healthy if you’re also giving them lots of freedom. Shit like this doesn’t happen in China but then again they are under surveillance like lab rats.

      But here’s another much more realistic perspective: who cares? As you said, if people want to do drugs, they’ll get them somewhere. So let them do drugs. If they dare test their self-restraint and sheer will, then let them gamble with their life. As I said, if you need to keep a bunch of people in line with all sorts of policing and extreme measures, rather than letting them self-govern and trust they won’t do anything bad to themselves, then they are cattle, not people. Let them die, let their bloodlines go extinct, they don’t deserve protection.

      If you want change, you need the people to be on board with you. The majority. They need to agree with the general direction you’re heading. So, we either get into politics or operate from the shadows. Lay out the groundwork, figure out strategic targets: people, institutions, businesses, ideas, everything that is detrimental to the white race.
      To get people on board: keep exposing the kikes and their evil ways, what they’re doing and how it’s hurting us. As I said: propaganda in every medium you can think of: youtube, pamphlets, fliers, message boards, the internet in general. Believe it or not, the majority on youtube already hates kikes, they already know more than you think. But the mainstream still doesn’t hold them a serious enough threat. Expose their quotes everywhere with the faces of the people that said them. This plants seeds of doubt in people, and it forces them to process it critically.
      Drill it into the mainstream that it’s “ok to be white” (so fucking weak to even have to say this). This idea is very important because this way the media can’t spin everything and guilt trip the people.
      There’s more I can’t think of the top of my head because I’m trying to wrap this comment up.
      As for the people; prolific kikes, just kill them. Assassinate them. They can cry about anti semitism or whatever, won’t bring the hooknose back.
      People riot and protest all the time, it accomplishes fuckall. Serious actions need to be taken, cut out the tumor and let the body heal.

      The people are too comfortable, and they don’t give a shit. You either accelerate it or accept the fact that this is how it is, and let it all unfold. Once a weak nation gets invaded by a more serious nation, the look on their faces will be all worth it

  7. How about that input sanitization eh

  8. var pattern = /^[a-zA-Z0-9!”#$%&'()*+,-./:;?@[\\\]^_`{|}~ ]+$/;

    There you go, for the english version (.org) of this website, allow only latin

    1. Author

      That won’t work. The .org version is an alias.
      I’ll think about what can be done.

      1. Well, just add the cyrilic keyboard on top of it. That should be enough. Latin and cyrilic, no ching chong shit and no obscure unicode

        1. Author

          To do this, you will have to change the kernel files. Therefore, the next update will remove the changes.
          While using filters.

  9. bro got a fresh haircut , shiny head lol , that guy is really pro in using that knife , he did a mortal
    kombat fatality on him lmao , super cool !!💀 🔥 FINISH HIM 🔥

  10. This is pure art. I would never want to cross these men. They don’t fuck around.

    1. What kind of man openly admits that he’s a pussy?

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