Man burned alive


Recently, Mexican drug cartels have been practicing more and more sophisticated forms of execution. This time the man was doused with gasoline and burned alive.


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  1. My mother was burned in a fire I was born shortly after so in reality I was born in fire at the end of my life I will self-immolate die in fire that is my wish I’ve been burned many times severely and I’ve never felt any pain this is the way I want to go

  2. I am 72 years old now and I want to end My Life by self-immolation not right now but that’s how I will end my life when the time comes fire cleanses the soul

    1. Do it on the doorstep of your government. Die for a higher cause that can inspire change

  3. My God, they are laughing?! What kind of beings (“people” would be too much for them) are they?!

    1. Hi! I think you are new to this website? We!! This is only the starting, this website has one of the fucked up shits that often the users. Make fun of them.

  4. This guy burned our house down and stole our dead grandpas truck our family found him and took care of it he messed with the wrong people but I wonder who got a hold of the video and posted it here but I’m it’s cool to see it here

  5. Ok, Trump can start droning cartels now. Even the Virginia ones. It is time. ?

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