A child cuts off a man’s head in the name of Allah


A boy of 7-8 years old enthusiastically cuts off the head of a man lying on the ground, but the boy does not have enough strength to cut the victim’s cervical vertebrae.

Probably Congo.

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  1. omg !!! lmao , I wonder how and what might be the
    reaction of western juvenile system after looking at these clips. NO MORAL VALUES IN NIGGER COUNTRIES.

  2. Nigger Cotton Field always be fucking worked.

  3. yeah, you call them niggers till they are at your door ready to butcher you for allah. lmao

  4. I love to see stupid people who do things like this for their god. Cause its not like belief and faith is all in their head and like they’ve never and never will see their god cause hes another stupid idea man has come up with to give his insignificant existence a purpose. Praise allah!

    1. And you have proof for your claims? Or are you just another edgy atheist who does the same thing you accuse the theists of?

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