Massacre in Nigeria


Terrorist attack in Magaure village, Zangon Kataf district, Kaduna state, Nigeria. The terrorists killed 13 people, chopped off the heads of the corpses and showed them on camera.

Since July 12, no less than 8 villages in Zangon Kataf have been attacked within 5 days. Terrorists kill civilians with extreme cruelty. It is reported that the corpses are already being buried without coffins in mass graves.
The goal of the terrorists is to seize territory. The Nigerian government is inactive.

Magaure, Zangon Kataf, Kaduna, Nigeria

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    1. More like Islamic extremists killing non muslim villagers.

      1. Like ISIS? that kills only muslims?

  1. Imagine if all the heads become alive again and staring at those people.

  2. Me “I wonder if they’re Muslim”

    Kid in video “Allah Alakbah”

    Yeeeep that explains it.
    Africa and Religion is not a good mix.

    1. Woah, I’ve had so much issues recognizing muslims, but you just gave me the absolute cure I asked for!!

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