Cut off fingers with pliers and a machete


This guy’s fingers are cut off in parts, tearing off the phalanges with the help of pliers, cutting the phalanges with a machete.


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    1. Argentina, Brazil, Columbia… it’s all the same.
      Swampnigger after swampnigger.
      South America, the continent with 99% animal and 1% human biodiversity.

      1. This guy is salty 😢 probably got a tiny little white dick

  1. Why is the world full of sadistic demons? If there was a way to cleanse this world of the cruel, repulsive trash…

    1. I’m Latino, the shit whose fingers are being cut off is not an innocent, it’s a thief.

  2. translate:
    man 1:chill chill, its not that hurting,
    man 2: put ur hand, put ur hand or ill cut ur feet too, u will never walk again, u will never steal again, u will never come with the mafia again
    Man 1: stay still, what are u doing, what are you doing son of a bitch
    man 1: brother
    kidnaped guy: mh?
    man 1: chill, put ur hand
    man 2: do it or ill cut ur entire wrist, bring me a knife, u brother bring me that knife
    man 2: so do you like that?
    man 1: we are going to catch the other one that was stealing too
    at the end one guy says “PUT UR HAND THERE, and other guy says “dont scream”
    but yeah its difficult to me to translate because im from argentina so im not that good at english, but ya thats pretty much it

    1. Thanks for the translation, always good to have some insight to these clips.

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