Girl cut throat


The girl’s throat is cut with a blunt penknife. The victim wheezes in death throes.
It is reported that such a sophisticated execution was assigned to the girl by criminals for theft of drugs.

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  1. That’s why HELL Has been made by God to such Plunderous, savage, and evil people with no reasoning towards compassion and care, inflicting and using savage methods and pain towards adversaries and hated subjects. Oh!!! but for God’s eternal mercy, we lived and have the GRACE of 2nd chance and holy resentment.

    1. The drug gangs live life day-by-day, life is a game for them, they don’t care if they live or die. They figure they’re going to hell no matter what so they might as well laugh in the devils face and laugh in the face of god’s laws

    2. Why are there people who believe in god and still visit this site????

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