Russian military beat civilians. Ukraine


The Russian military has set up a temporary checkpoint at the exit of the city and is stopping all vehicles. A man was pulled out of one car and beaten. You can hear a woman screaming.

At this time, the car from which the shooting was carried out sharply picks up speed and, to the sound of shots, leaves a dangerous place.

Kherson, Ukraine.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. lol this are ukrainian asows who dont let people out from kherson.

    1. Author

      Ahaha! But another asshole claims that these are the territorial defense forces of Ukraine, and not the Azov regiment. -))
      You guys will decide how to lie, taking into account the fact that white armbands, characteristic of the Russian military, flicker on the military killing Ukrainians.

    2. Those are Russian soldiers killing civilians dummy.

  2. Brazalete amarillo o azul son ucranianos en este video llevan el amarillo, los Rusos usan Brazalete blanco y los chechenos blanco y negro (aveces rojo)

    1. y llevo rato en esta pagina buscando crimenes de Guerra de los rusos y cuando creo encontrarlo (por los nombre de los videos) resulta que son ucranianos, de los ucranianos sobran videos de crimenes de guerra, y yo tratando de ser imparicial pero es dificil.

    2. Author

      Sequence this video. At a certain moment, when the headlights of the car illuminate the military, a white bandage is visible on the sleeve.

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