Russian military beat civilians. Ukraine


The Russian military has set up a temporary checkpoint at the exit of the city and is stopping all vehicles. A man was pulled out of one car and beaten. You can hear a woman screaming.

At this time, the car from which the shooting was carried out sharply picks up speed and, to the sound of shots, leaves a dangerous place.

Kherson, Ukraine.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. lol this are ukrainian asows who dont let people out from kherson.

    1. Author

      Ahaha! But another asshole claims that these are the territorial defense forces of Ukraine, and not the Azov regiment. -))
      You guys will decide how to lie, taking into account the fact that white armbands, characteristic of the Russian military, flicker on the military killing Ukrainians.

    2. Those are Russian soldiers killing civilians dummy.

      1. now now ,lol you make it sound like ukraine are heroes, neither ukraine,deushbag land or russia have any place on the level of NORTH AMERICA, ukraine would be gone now if it wasn’t for our support, ukraine is a nasty violent nation just like deushbagland and russia, all pre mentioned are bottom feeders who have NORTH AMERICA TO THANK FOR THEIR CURRENT SUCSESS, lol a jew is the leader of nazi ukraine these euru trash make it up as they go along then we pay for it, lets get all the civillians out of there and let the nazis and commies finish themselves off!!!!!!!!!! i am sick and tired of their criminal behaviours!!!!!!!!Sorry to all the fool americans over there kissing their asses, these ppl.will never be satisfied, NORTH AMERICA SHOULD OF FINISHED THE JOB BACK IN 45! The ukraine is very nasty just as much as the russians, NORTH AMERICA NEEDS TO RE AWAKE AND COME OUT FIGHT,N MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough is enough eye for an eye leaves a screaming human in pain blind left right and center, i don want my taxes going to these rotten nasty foriegn wars that lead to more problems all on NORTH AMERICA’s DIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!RE-ELECT A REAL MAN AND VOTE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Ukraine and Russia’s war is between themselves, and Slavs have been warring with eachother since time immemorial. Having a non-interventionist approach to this conflict is only delaying the problem and letting it fester to come back bigger and meaner, i.e Russia escalating even further, this time with NATO members.

          However, you as an American bashing Germans is a little dissapointing seeing that a huge percentage of White Americans in USA are of German descent. Not to mention all the technological advances you stole from Nazi Germany after the war. How did you think NASA got to the moon relatively early after WW2?
          If anything, you have doomed yourself by razing Nazi Germany back in the day. Now the Jews have infiltrated your governments, media, corporate world and are poisoning you both physically, psychologically and spiritually. You worry about taxes, google how much you are donating to Israel for universal education and healthcare, while you still have homeless vets on the streets, which even the VA can’t take care of.

          You need to read more. Google my nickname and see what kind of measures I’m about, since you think you’re such a serious person

        2. Author

          I’m afraid that you are at the mercy of Russian propaganda.
          Yes, there are neo-Nazis in Ukraine, but their party did not even get 2% to be represented in parliament.
          Russia is a much more fascist state.
          I note that Trump shook hands with Putin many times, and in Russia they drank champagne when Trump won the presidential election.
          The world is too multi-polar to scream “Let’s throw all efforts on our country and our citizens and forget about our interests.”
          Think about it.

  2. Brazalete amarillo o azul son ucranianos en este video llevan el amarillo, los Rusos usan Brazalete blanco y los chechenos blanco y negro (aveces rojo)

    1. y llevo rato en esta pagina buscando crimenes de Guerra de los rusos y cuando creo encontrarlo (por los nombre de los videos) resulta que son ucranianos, de los ucranianos sobran videos de crimenes de guerra, y yo tratando de ser imparicial pero es dificil.

    2. Author

      Sequence this video. At a certain moment, when the headlights of the car illuminate the military, a white bandage is visible on the sleeve.

  3. If you scream when something bad happens you should automatically be given the worst death possible, its always the females.

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