The commander of the company of the AFU shot the battalion commander


The voice-over reports that the company commander shot the battalion commander because the battalion commander wanted to send the soldiers to the ‘meat’.


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  1. Essentially: You don’t value my life, I dont value yours.
    Good for him

  2. She’s upset because she was sucking him off for a promotion and he was to sign the papers that evening.

    Tough loss . . .

  3. What does meat means?

    1. Author

      “Meat” is the so-called. “meat assault” when the infantry is sent to storm the enemy’s fortified positions without the support of artillery and armored vehicles.
      Losses in this case can reach 90% of the personnel.
      Practiced by Russian troops and detachments of prisoners from the Wagner group.

  4. Hope they soon kill that scum zelensky so this war will end

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