Russian mobilized shares his impressions of the war


A voice-over complains that conscripts are sent to the front line, where they die, and the corpses lie and decompose for weeks.


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    1. Author

      Oh my God! What fabulous stupidity!
      The Ukrainian revolution was financed with the money of the Ukrainian oligarchs, in particular Poroshenko, who later became the president of Ukraine and met with support in the country’s parliament.
      The thesis “Nazis in Ukraine” appeared due to the fact that a large number of supporters of the “Right Sector” – a neo-fascist organization – participated in the Revolution of Dignity.
      The Minsk agreements were not implemented by both sides of the conflict, Ukraine 8 times appealed to the UN Security Council with a request to send peacekeeping forces to the Donbass, and each time Russia rejected this request.
      Of course, Ukraine was preparing for war, Putin has constantly “played with his biceps” on the border of Ukraine since February 2021, creating tension.
      АFU mediocrely lost the battles of 2014-2015 in the Donbass and certainly drew certain conclusions, prepared the army for a likely invasion.
      I believe that Zelensky had plans for a military solution to the situation with Donbass, because by fulfilling the requirements of the Minsk agreements on the federalization of Donbass, they would have received a time bomb and a huge pro-Russian faction in parliament.
      “Protection of the Russian-speaking population” is just a propaganda slogan; in Russia, people from the Donbass are considered second-class citizens.

  1. Hi, as an ukrainian. It’s intersting to see your opinion.
    I’m going to write this comment in English so that everyone understands.

    I can tell you that one of my uncles fought for the Ukrainian army and another is fighting for Russia right now. It’s a real tragedy. A fratricidal war.

    Half my family is pro-Russian and half is for the criminal regime in Kiev.

    Myself, I think I remain pro-Russian at heart.
    Because the overthrow of the democratically elected president and his replacement by a bandit like Poroshenko has destroyed this country. If none of this shit had happened in 2013, there would have been peace. So as far as I’m concerned, the culprits are still Victoria Nulland and the Biden (Obama) administration in the USA, which started this war.

    Putin could have stopped at the annexation of Crimea and invited the inhabitants of Donbass to move to Russia.

    But the root of the evil comes from criminal President Obama and Biden and his drug-addicted son.

    But the Jews are also at fault. Every Jew on earth wanted this war, and they’re delighted that Goyim blood is being spilled. I hate Zelensky and the Bandera.

    I understand that many Russians didn’t want this war and are upset with Putin or Ukraine. There’s good reason… But Putin isn’t the only one to blame. Western Jews want to destroy Russia and tear it to pieces to re-establish U.S. domination of the world. and counter China… And steal Siberia’s many resources in the process.

    I lived in Ukraine, in 2019 they banned Russian in schools, they replaced the Russian language with English on road signs…. Gay Pride has started to appear… It was already rubbish but it’s going to get worse if Ukraine remains occupied by zelensky’s criminal regime.

    1. Author

      I will leave this comment, but there are certain doubts that this is not Kremlin propaganda.

      President Yanukovych “legally elected” spelled the word “professor” with two errors.

      I wonder why no one in Russia demands that Ukrainian be taught in schools?

      As for the arguments that the Jews want to seize the wealth of Russia, this is nonsense, because the wealth of Russia has long been seized by the oligarchs and, by a strange coincidence, many of them are Jews.

      That is, it turns out that the Jews want to seize the wealth of the Jews. lol

      1. Putin has maintained power over the oligarchs, the oligarchs can’t do much without Putin and it’s Putin who decides. In the European Union, the opposite is true. The Jews and the Western oligarchs pull the strings in the shadows and manipulate public opinion through the media and rigged elections to maintain a semblance of democracy. Democracy is in fact the right of Jews to manipulate goyim to serve Jewish interests. That’s why I think the restoration of Nazism is necessary to save white Europe from fratricidal wars that make no sense today except to make the dirty Jews richer and richer.

        1. Author

          Rehabilitation of Nazism is the destiny of marginals and losers. At the same time, I believe that healthy nationalism should take place in any country.
          Your statements are very curious, taking into account the fact that you call yourself a Ukrainian, you think that power in Ukraine has been seized by criminals, while propaganda in Russia screams that a fascist junta rules in Kiev.
          I have already noted the contradictions in your logic, now you are saying that Putin controls the Jewish oligarchs in Russia.
          Then why do you think the opposite is true in Europe – Jews control governments?
          That is, you are proposing to unleash a war in Europe, to arrange a genocide of Jews in order to have peace in Europe?
          After all, with a similar narrative, Putin unleashed a war in Ukraine.
          Is it nothing that European countries have been living in peace for more than 70 years?
          Just Orwell: “War is peace.”

          1. They are not fascist, they are just dumb little niggers running back and forth in the donbass trying to kill some civilians, their own people. I hate this country and i’m happy that i left this failed state shithole.

            The azov and all this fascit kinda thing, they are just toxic trash.

            everyone would have been happier if there hadn’t been the criminal revolution in Kiev, which plunged the whole country into war, riots, etc. except Poroshenko and his clique of Jews who make their money on the backs of corpses

          2. Author

            Two comments earlier you called for the rehabilitation of Nazism and the extermination of the Jews, now you say that the fascist “Azov” is very bad.
            You have somehow already decided on your ideological platform.
            IMHO you are just trying to defame Ukraine.

      2. and don’t say I’m making propaganda for the Kremlin, that’s too easy. Considering the videos on this site, I think the kremilin wouldn’t have bothered making little propaganda and would rather have destroyed this website and the host with it. I’m just giving my opinion.

        1. Author

          The army of Kremlinbots does not sleep. I observe their attacks on many bloody sites, at the beginning of the war they were indicated here as well.
          We are not so easy to destroy.

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