Tragedy “Transvaal Park”

Tragedy “Transvaal Park”

On February 14, 2004 at 19.15 in Moscow, the roof of the Transvaal Park entertainment complex collapsed with more than 400 people.

The most popular attractions, including a children’s pool, were buried under the rubble.

More than 193 people were injured, including 51 children, 28 people died.

The architect and designer of the park is Nodar Kancheli.

Among the causes of the collapse are design errors and unfortunate coincidence. On the eve of Moscow there was heavy snowfall.

The investigation lasted about 20 months, as a result of which Nodar Kancheli and the head of the Moscow state extra-departmental examination Anatoly Voronin were prosecuted.

In 2006, they were released.

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