Negroes enthusiastically butcher the corpse of a tribesman


Hungry guys butcher a corpse with fat. Still, whites are engaged in dismemberment more for pleasure, and blacks for intimidation.


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  1. Say with all honesty that niggers are not subhuman savages

    1. Author

      What do you think of Whitopia?
      ‘We don’t think we’re better than blacks, we just want to live apart from them.'(C)

      1. Interestingly and very ironically, the left wing’s principle of forced pushing for multiculturalism, diversity and gender equality has actually driven a wedge between the two polar opposites and have had the OPPOSITE effect of the intended result.

        The term ‘Whitopia’ is coined by Rich Benjamin in his 2009 book titled “Searching for Whitopia: An Improbable Journey to the Heart of White America”.
        He has noticed a very natural phenomenon; as America has become more multicultural, some communities are actually becoming less diverse.
        This is nature at it’s best. “Birds of a feather flock together”.
        Everybody feels more at ease and more comfortable around their own kind, rather than some person from half way across the world.
        It’s biological / genetic.

        The same thing but different avenue happened in Scandinavian countries, i.e Sweden.
        Social scientists have found crystal clear that the more egalitarian a society becomes, the bigger the differences between men and women. The more you minimize the cultural differences, the more you maximize the biological differences.
        This short-sighted attempt to “equalize” men and women only made them choose professions that are more different and gender-stereotypical, exactly what they tried NOT TO DO. For example, men choose STEM fields, and women chose medical fields specifically nursing, more so than in less “egalitarian” societies.

        But to answer your question more directly: there’s no doubt that people should just live among their own kind.
        As I said, it’s natural and healthy and much more sustainable, and there will be less conflict.

        To think we aren’t better than blacks, well, the status quo speaks for itself. Statistics speak for themselves.
        We commit less crime, are less prone to crime biologically (hormonal profiles are different, so yes, we as humans aren’t all the same no matter the race), we are more productive, all around more civilized by every metric (I could make this text longer by citing more examples but there’s no need).
        Niggers in the West are only good for sports (gladiators to put on an entertaining show for us), and rap music which is the propagator and catalyst of this criminal mentality that is keeping the niggers back in the first place. Gang violence, drug dealing, crime, etc gets glorified in these songs and it definitely influences the next generation. It keeps them in poverty, and the poverty fosters the crime, and so on the vicious cycle continues. They mostly go into the “service” and social work, and jobs that don’t require a lot of energy, because they’re are very lazy. They go into jobs that they think are “easy money with no hard work”. Sounds very stereotypical but that’s the truth. Meanwhile the Asians don’t have this problem. Around 50% of doctors in the US are Chinese. They commit among the least crimes. Biology and culture clearly plays a role.

        We have tribalism deeply embedded within us. Even people who say we should all live in same areas etc, they themselves are tribal too, and the more you listen to them, the higher the chance they will say something that will highlight this fact. Usually they are very careful with their words so as to avoid slip-ups but slip-ups do happen and their true colors become apparent.

        Look at the video above. I mean, he chops away so nonchalantly. If a white person did that, we would bury him under the prison. It is clear that these savages operate at a lower level and don’t bother reaching for a higher level of human existence. They care not if people see this sort of behaviour.

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