Slaughter and skinning of a horse


The horse is killed and the carcass is fresh. Horse meat is very popular in China and Kazakhstan. In Russia, in Tatarstan, dishes are traditionally prepared from horse meat – beshbarmak, lagman, shurpa and horse meat kebabs.

Probably Russia.

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  1. 真他妈残忍,我以后要少吃肉,尽量吃死人肉,可惜其他人很可能不会允许我这么做,他们宁愿多杀一只动物,让我拿着他们发行的钞票和他们交换,也要把那具尸体烧成灰,而不让我依靠它活下去。

    1. Fucking cannibal, what not u haven’t eaten? Bats, rats, snakes, cockroaches, dog , cat , maggots and sort of God awful shits and now you want to try human flesh? No wonder you’re all called monsters , mongoloid gook chinky , bottom race subhuman. Even lower than rats.

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