Unknown animal maus 9 people

Animal tore 9 people
Unknown animal maus 9 people

In the heart of Africa is the state of Malawi.

There are several national parks in the state. Yesterday, alarming information from the Didza area began to emerge. Nine people were killed and 11 others were injured in an attack by an unknown animal.

The attacks took place mostly at night. None of the victims can say with certainty what animal attacked them. Some believe it was a lion, others say it’s a hyena.

All the bodies found were inside and the face was eaten. Those who survived the attack also have facial injuries.

Dr. Ishiu Mwakasungula, a health inspector in Didza province, believes that people may have been attacked by rabid hyenas. Two years ago, similar cases were reported in the Dova area. Three people were killed and 16 were injured.

They also could not identify the animal attacking them.

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