Execution of a rapist in Africa

That’s how rapists in Africa are executed.


According to the classics of the African Lynch law, this should be an execution necklace, but something went wrong.

The dude was first beaten to loss of consciousness, covered with tires and set on fire. But the dude was awake and self-extinguished. Then they went into action with a machete.

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  1. They cut him down right to the white meat!

  2. i think thats exposed bone not white meat

  3. 这个黑蜀黍在错误的地方做错误的事,如果他去日本当AV男优,那么他的性欲就能得到满足,而且还能满足一大批痴女对于大黑肉棒的渴求。

  4. proof that all black ppl are actually white from inside

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