You don’t like cats? You just don’t know how to cook them!


The process of gutting a cat and showing the uterus of an animal with unborn kittens. Remember this video when you buy shawarma on the street.

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  1. Kind of dissapointing that you didn’t draw a line for this type of content. Even theYNC funnels their animal tagged vids into “Underground”.

    1. Author

      These are their problems

      1. They also don’t upload child porn. Are you going to upload that as well?

        1. Author

          If this was a child porn site, I would upload child porn. But the site is not about that.

          A few months ago, there was news that a Russian contract soldier was sticking a mascara brush up the anus of a baby.
          We uploaded this uncensored video and immediately received a lot of criticism. This video has now been removed.

          This is a slippery topic. Probably if there is any hardcore about children we will upload such a video, but in general I have a negative attitude towards child pornography.
          Children are fucked by those who have a too small penis and not everything is in order with their brains.
          Approximately such a position.

          1. First let me make it clear before I get misunderstood: I don’t want you to upload child porn.

            I think you’re being loyal to a fault here. Why would you upload CP if you have a bad feeling about it? Loyality to some principle or something? Surely you have a political agenda as well, so if there’s anything all of us across the world can agree on, no matter our race, political position, religion, is that kid fuckers are amongst the lowest of the low, if not the lowest. And there’s no reason to host that sort of content. It’s not like you’re getting money for it. In fact, the US government has tried passing laws in congress, undermining Net Neutrality, under the guise of fighting child predators.
            The government regulating the internet, imagine that scenario.
            So it’s a serious subject, and personally I wouldn’t dare upload shit including kids/babies, as you have. I still sometimes run into thumbnails of some implicit material on this site lol.

            Also, don’t take any of this the wrong way, I’m just voicing my opinion. I just commented initially because I hate animal abuse. I’d rather watch 20 hours of skull pickaxing or disemboweling no problem.

          2. Author

            Of course, we will not publish explicit child porn. Of course not. But I am not bound by the laws of the United States, so we allow publications with children.

            You have already seen publications here with accidents involving children. This is and this is the truth of life, and we show life as it is and do not bashfully cover up photographs hiding behind false morality.

            And if you see censored photos or videos here, it’s only because we didn’t find uncensored media.

            In my country, too, there are quite strict laws regarding child pornography, but now everything is quite complicated because we left Russia with our project.

            So it turns out that we are somewhere between the laws and use this opportunity -)

      2. Jesus, ignore all the pansies. It’s free speech, post real uncensored news. Like you said, never any child porn, but accidents do happen to children and animals and should be allowed

        1. Say, honestly, do you enjoy this shit above?

  2. Is watching Child Porn bad or criminal ?

    1. Criminal. Don’t watch child porn.

  3. Probly dirty scum of the earth asian, chinese. We pray for all of China human scum to die painfully asap.

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