A conscript soldier shot 5 people


A serviceman serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot 4 colleagues and a female controller from a Kalashnikov assault rifle and then fled the scene of the crime.

Artemy Ryabchuk took the machine gun and went to the armory. There were two soldiers whom he killed in cold blood. There he took a few stores to the machine. In the corridor he met two more servicemen whom he shot dead.

The servicemen guarded the Yuzhmash arms factory. At the entrance of the plant, he shot a female controller in the head and ran away.

Soon the killer was arrested by the police. The motives for the crime are being clarified, perhaps the soldier was bullied by his colleagues.

Dnipro, Ukraine.


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  1. They returned the military service again, and this brought hazing back, although it happens in the contract service, although there are enough patients everywhere. let them establish it, because maybe those whom he left were mocked at him and they weren’t sorry). in this, too, he even complained to someone, but they didn’t do anything, though those people are still likely to be imprisoned for a shorter period, it’s like up to 7 years maximum and he’s most likely life imprisonment, although he may be in a specialized psychiatric hospital to lie in a hospital (by the way, in the same Dnipropetrovsk region, because there is such a hospital for the whole of Ukraine – in 14 regions there are only departments and that’s it) – where, just such people are kept (mentally ill criminals) – he will serve a couple of years, he will receive a pension and will be released, only now they can still and now have rights cut in any case, at least a prison, at least a psychiatric hospital, but not like in the former USSR (there are already many who are now without fear of depression and their rights have not been cut in some cases)

  2. In the city of Chernigov, Chernihiv region, Ukraine, there was also a maniac with a shovel 10 years ago, and also, hell knows, crazy or not, but in a psychiatric hospital he was thrown first into a strict department in the Dnipropetrovsk region and then also a strict department, but it is less strict than that Dnepropetrovsk hospital, then a softer department in a hospital in the Chernihiv region – count at home there are already many such examples. resonance and a lawyer. They often confuse the healthy in psychiatric hospitals and the sick – prison, and now the sick can go further and the healthy become crippled due to drugs – well, that’s why psychiatry develops so badly – if it happens that they treat not the sick and then the sick come across, but do not know because of such experience how to treat them

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