Muslim being beaten with sticks


A Muslim boy dated an Indian girl and was severely beaten with sticks and kicks.
Take care of your ears, this is the squealing of a devout Muslim.


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  1. India is shit country better leave that place only corruption and mf cowards u would encounter there

    1. He was trying to rape and convert women. you shithole

      1. Wait- can I get the source?? If that’s true….i mean if he was trying to rape her…then fine!!! Burn him alive already. I’m a south Korean girl and went to India…ur name ur indian …u people are so much fascinated by white skin …that u tend to forget ur own culture and try to adapt westerner culture and again…u people no matter how much u deny u like our BTS k pop music..and act as CIVILISED human which u are clearly not..i went to India and males there are so fucking retard ..they would keep staring at me as if they have never seen a women in thier enitre life and would at me taking selfies ..just wow wow no matter how MUCH u say u love ur own culture but in the end u the same thing over and over again…no wonder ur shithole country is most dangerous place for girls. U subhumans . Learn ur place .

        1. Author

          The background to the video said that this guy was dating an Indian girl. There was no mention of rape.

          1. Exactly!! Sonderfuhrer ..

          2. bruh! it was reported in local newspapers!

        2. lmao. we obsess over white skin?? lmao, i’m very happy with my fair whitish skin. at least i got a color, unlike ya.
          and for sure, i don’t want a white skin and look like someone whose ancestors went on to others land, stole money, killed people, destroyed cultures.
          and nah, we ain’t gay like BTS. we rather prefer romani. oh, but ur white so must be dumbfuck to not even know romani ppl are indian and have a fcking lot of contirbutions in terms of art and culture. and so does native indians. anyhow, they buddhism u follow, come from india u fcking racist piece of shit. learn. ur place

          1. We know that gypsies are romani and come from India. They are the niggers of Europe. Another mongrel group of subhuman scum. Are you actually proud of gypsies you silly fuck? How do I even argue with you now? You are already doing the insulting for me. A literal gypsy telling someone to “learn your place” only shows what happens when you show a bit of leniency to fuck-offs. Is this the thanks we get for granting you minority status and citizenship all over Europe, instead of rounding you all up and have you dig out a mass grave?

            I thank God for my white skin. Makes life so much easier.

          2. I don’t even know what to say anymore ..maybe it’s because I’m in shock, baffled or surprise? Who knows ..the humanity is already suffering from adversity..look at Ukraine it has become place of quagmire. People are dying every seconds , even this site is full of them…hmm maybe i just have become numb girl at this point ..i mean this place has the most worst of humanity…idk if I should be DISGUSTED or fascinated by how humans behave. And now out of all things I’m seeing here that a subhuman brown shitskin saying I’m racist and should learn my place. How should I respond to this? This is point in humanity where these subhumans are tellings us the truth, the fact we white were the one who took these apes out of thier shitholes and this is how they repay us. Tell me this language ur speaking right it’s called english ( British people taught you subhumans) if u hate us why are even speaking this? Majority of Indians infact in south india …it’s a craze in thier society the one who speak English is educated and those who don’t are illiterate. Just look that’s the point I’m TRYING so hard to tell you people don’t EVEN follow ur own culture and language the fact is that u just want to ACCEPT. Also I did some research and found that in south india especially karela covent schools are in high amount not only that people are ALSO converting themselves from hindu to Christan…my kid what do have to say?? Not only in southern indian part but also ur shithole Punjab …they are running campaigns for people to become christan. Let me ask what is history of Hindus of past 300 years ? U have ?? No ! Even if u have …it’s all about how u apes are getting best suited treatment from white people …which u in turn say that u were colonized. Tell me if ur race and civilization is most supreme and old how the fUCK British ruled you!!!???? The answer is simple because ur a subhuman and this instinct quality will always remain inside no matter how much u suppress it. And also infrastructures, petroleum, brideges, bulidings, machines all these technologies were created by us the white people and britishers planted it in ur country to provide you a better life than ur ape one . And STILL instead of being thankful to us for everything we did to ur race ..u are such a ungreatful maggots that will never see how MUCH we developed this world.. also the phone u are using , my kid tell me did ur ancestors created this? The answer is no…. because when we were developing the world you were shitting and harming the environment like u always do..ur hindu festival…HOLY and DIWALI…do u have any fucking idea how much water and air pollution u fuckers create!??? U animals !??? Trillions of litre water is wasted in ur piece of shit pathetic exucse …just look and how much it could’ve saved innocent people who die from dehydration..can u?? Same goes for Diwali…so much air pollution…can u understand how much harm u have caused to world ??? Can u ?? No u can’t because ur subhuman vermin who don’t value anything . U know what?? The world would advanced 100 years ..if ur pathetic cunt race is wipe off..u just can never accept that u and niggers are the biggest loser in the face of humanity..

          3. Author

            I want to remind you that whites belong to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Homo sapiens.

          4. Karuki, you sound like the female version of me, lol

          1. Same goes for india..infact both Islam, india is trash

          2. I vouch for that. And karuki is just a cancer propagator christian missionary shit who is still fundind terrorism in india in name of naxalites, who everyday kill kids for not converting to christianity in india, Must be some south indian christian convert who is jsut shitty and love to ignore history, and shit on their own people. you mf cannot even return us our temples you destroyed, libraries you burnt, money you stole, and people you killed. now bow your head in shame and don’t be arrogant, rather than wasting tons and tons of pumpkins on halloween and chopping trees on Christmas, which itself is a stolen festival from romans

          3. Islam is infact the only true religion ?. If Islam was so trash, why are the safest countries in the world Islamic Countries? And who started WW1, WW2, Vietnam War and many other wars? ? Why do so many people convert to Islam then? It’s by far the fastest growing religion. Are u mad boxer Devin Haney converted to Islam? Or MMA fighter Kevin Lee? Or YouTuber young Dom? Or did ur child convert to Islam and now u mad? U wanna cry? U can go ahead if u want.

        3. Are you retarded?
          Your entire post reads like shit, plus the only people that like bts are stupid teenage girls and faggots.

          Damn your country must be one massive shithole if the only thing you can talk about is some faggot pop group.

        4. Bruh, a fucking retard with a cliche Japanese name saying he’s a South Korean chick and writing shit in english, more broken than a middle eastern housewife…. ???

          I’m literally in tears whole laughing like a maniac here

        5. Who the fuck wants to go to india?
          from south korea 1st world to a shit whole 3rd world country india?

      2. Local news paper?
        Dawg that guys a Muslim thats bad enough if you’re living in india especially the current Modi regime is making sure of Christians Sikhs and muslims not to dare stand in the face of hindu and hindu india

        Why fool us by saying he rapes and converts ,where the truth is that the sanatani wants pure hindu dominion in india. Like Brahmins pundits and the top class of hindu Aryan skin.The whole news lobby india is working for the ruling regime that wants you to read see and hear what it wants you to read see and hear

        1. In that case, you faggots should keep killing yourself.

  2. India was one of the biggest muslim countries back then. Its sad to see what happend to India

    1. It devolved into the dirtiest street shitter genetic mishap country on this planet

      1. It’s because muslims entered our land. india was called country of gold! but then islamic invasion happened and they are still trying to rape and convert

        1. Who are you kidding? Majority of you shitskins are Hindus. It’s not the Muslims shitting on the streets and everywhere. Easy to blame everything on the muslims, you silly dingbat. 1.4 billion people and all of you combined smell like absolute shit. From my limited experience with an indian, he reeked from 2 meters away. I really don’t know what it is with you fucking subhumans. It’s like God made you this miserable. Sometimes I think God isn’t fair, even though I believe in him. If God is real, why did he make us whites so much better than you scum?

          1. Exactly!!! I went india and one of the worst experience it was..a pure hell on roads people including women will open shit..ahh man i nearly puked being a south Korean girl….who has pale white skin…i suffer the most there..everyone LITRALLY even kids would stare at me like WTFF?? Is that even humanity??? Coming to me and saying ” ma’am u look beautiful can I take selfie with u” fuckk that’ was so gross and DISGUSTING not only 1 guy…but after then i was like SURROUNDED by 10+ males …thier eyes…fucking full of lust as if right there they would want to assult me.. seriously i nearly cried and ran away…and pack my stuff and came back to my country..and i felt a lot better.. india is absolutely worst place for women…idk how indians girl can survive in that hell. Fuck i will never in my life visit that shit subhuman place ever again .

          2. I can only imagine your shitty experience, and I think you are very young to be surprised by this behaviour. You and me are used to human civilization and intermingling with subhumans can only end in a combination of dissapointment, disgust and anger. I empathize with you because I can’t stand nonwhites and if the law allowed it, I would go around caving their heads in with an aluminum bat. You obviously had a different experience in your mind when you went there, and were taken aback by what you saw. It’s like a shock to the system. I’m sure Japan would have proved much more satisfactory than that God forsaken shithole, even though Japan is a little wacky now, but can’t blame them, they’ve endured humiliating defeat which includes the 2 nuclear bombs. A big part of their soul has been ripped from them, if not all of it.

          3. Yes Mr…umm sorry idk ur name ..well almost all things were right the thing is they don’t even want to change themselves I’ve seen myself…yes I’m young 21 to be exact and u won’t believe it was my first foreign travel and i choose india..idk wot comes into my mind to travel THIS country..and that is why i regret going there. I saw poor kids along roadside…i was horrified the fact that no paid attention to them… everybody just going …ahh poor kids i feel bad for those poor people but killing all non white skin people is kinda evil i mean…can u kill those innocent kids? I agree that those indian fucker should be killed who stare at women . Let’s come back to those kids ok so a young man ( bastard) was passing by and one of them was a girl who was like 8 asked for money …that fucker yelled and thrash her on ground. I was utterly horrifed….i come to girl and give her food and u know wot …that bastard i thought he would redeem himself but no that faggot subhuman look at me and said ” someone like shouldn’t spend her time on this begger ” wow..wot a pathetic country . ( Sorry for grammar mistakes english is not my native language)

          4. I understand very well how these animals behave. It’s a total disregard for basic human decency and dignity. A dog eat dog world. It’s a product of poverty, which in turn is a product of being a subhuman. They will scam, they will lie, they will steal, anything to satisfy their baser instincts. I don’t know which part of India you’ve been in, but it sounds like you had close contact with the shit one. I’m positively surprised that you weren’t physically molested or worse. Especially if you were alone? I remember seeing CCTV footage on Liveleaks (back when it was on) of 2 indians just taking some young girl whose mom was sleeping at the train station, they just picked her up and later it was found she was raped repeatedly and killed. Imagine how the mom must have felt when they showed her the footage of these 2 animals just picking her child up and carrying her away. The girl just allowed them because they probably told her something like “hey we’re your friends, lets go get some icecream” or some shit. She seemed 2 or 3 years old.
            “Dont spend time on this beggar”, he says, meanwhile that’s his own countrywoman starving before his eyes.
            Again, Japan would have been better since it’s close, or even China, or maybe even Europe.

            You had a very mature and levelheaded response to my call for murder, more than I’d imagine most people.
            No, I wouldn’t kill a kid. Even though they mostly (not all of course) grow up to be wicked beings, but that’s up to God’s judgement. And I wouldn’t kill all nonwhites. Even though I can’t lie that the world would be a better place if it was just whites. They themselves subconsciously admit this by their behaviour. Case in point, you were stared at because you were higher value than most of them combined, and they knew it. That’s why you got all those looks. Among other vile reasons. I had knives pulled on me, my house broken into and things of value stolen, attempted break ins into my car, close family members mugged at knife point, list goes on. I guarantee you, I can definitely kill nonwhites.
            I value order, cleanliness, basic human decency, human dignity, law, order, basically everything that makes up human civilization. And anything that takes away from that is disgust- and hate- inducing.

          5. haha, really?white skin are better?
            lmao, it were indians and sumerians who had best world’s first civilation ever. when you fcking whites were in stone age, we had civilizations.
            you whites literally took away 45 trillion dollars, imposed famines on us, our literacy rate from 97% went to 3% under british, gdp from 33% to 20% under islamic rule and to 2% under brits. lmao. fcking low life whites malecchas. you guys have always been intellectually inferior to browns and u cannot bear the fact!
            from civilation of gold, india went on becoming to such a shithole

          6. Ok, whites are intellectually inferior to browns, and we whites are the deluded ones.

            Says the Indian, speaking English (British Empire), on the Internet (USA / white invention), on a Russian website.

            Germany with 80 million people, around 10~% being Turks and other mongrel, has a higher GDP than 1.4 billion Indians. 1 trillion $ more, in fact.

            As far as HDI (Human Development Index) goes, India is on the level of the average shithole subsaharan African country.
            That’s right, you are only slightly better than niggers, the lowest of the low.
            Barely any clean running water, high death rates from unclean water, literacy, etc list goes fucking on and on.

            Now, if you were so intellectually superior, how does such a relatively miniscule European country take over and lord over so many of you fucking shitskins? Why didn’t you defend yourself? Were you too weak or too incompetent? Same goes for the niggers in Africa. 7 white countries carved up a whole continent. Same goes for your neck of the woods, SEA / India.

            How does an intellectually superior people get colonized so easily, by a “disgusting pale white caveman stone age” people from Europe?

            Accept that you’re beneath us, subhuman.

    2. and btw, india was never a muslim country. lmao. get some facts. india have always been a country of buddhist and hindus. islamic invasion happened and we defeated them and letting them live among us even after giving pakistan and bangladesh to those shitty people.

      1. HAHAHAHhahahahahahahahahha u will never defeat Islam, it is spread all over India and now u mad, calls Muslim trash and stuff, but the murderrate and overall crimerates show that it’s Non-Muslims doing all the Mischief on earth.

  3. That’s good. He was forcing women to convert. Such people must meet such fate.
    These Mulle are shitty people who just cannot think beyond coverting people. india already faced a lot by their invasion

    1. Invasion? look at the achievements of India under Islamlic ruling
      And compare it to what britian did, the great famine is a proper example
      Reading history with an open mind will surely takes you step ahead of ignorance my man

      1. Lol. in what world you are living?? The islamic period of india was the bloodiest chapters of world in human history. every civilization fell but hindus stood strong and saved themselves. those islamic shits literally generates 200+ man made famines while brits doing only 2-3!
        and india have realtively no achievement under islamic rule. most were done before 12th century only when islam wasn’t even able to step it’s foot inside india. it’s not me but ya, who need to read history and learn something.

        1. What a mind deficient faggot subhuman you are . Your primary instincts of lying and bragging about how strong you were…but in reality muslims ruled you lmao ?? not for 700+ years and most of you were too scared that u accepted your faith as the bottom race and got convert to Muslims hahah such a weak pathetic will power you subhumans have. The fun fact is that u sub humans will never admit ur mistakes . Just remember u will always be beneath us . Scum

          1. dear fanatics of Allah, muslims need to be given the same treatment whenever there is any opportunity. why?? because muslims are the worst piece of shit in the entire universe.
            what does the quran say in 70% of its pages ???? kill the non muslims wherever you find them, drive them out of their hiding places, burn their skin etc…hahaha…

            you guys are the devil worshippers

          2. When Islamic ruled your nation -and half of europe and the northern african part- indians were above fornication and rape and licking everything that resembles of white skin
            Now you wacky dimwit clown pridefully bow to cows while sleeping in its “holy” crap dare to stab what calls to the oneness of God? to morally transcend above the illicit desires you dwelled on for long that you confuses it to utopia?
            But I must admit my fascination to how quick you established an astonishing reputation in the fields of these comments

          3. @blinded by elegance , what are trying to tell me?
            “When Islamic ruled your nation -and half of europe and the northern african part” , tell me when did all of them ruled korea? More than half of the things you said , doesn’t even apply to me as I’m not a shitskin indian or nigger. So what does “Now you wacky dimwit clown pridefully bow to cows while sleeping in its “holy” crap dare to stab what calls to the oneness of God?”

            Has got to do with me?

          4. HAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Abdul Qadri u lying scumbag ???, i studied Qur’an for 8 years and it says nowhere close 70% to kill Non-Muslims, only verses that say that are the ones that were sent down in war when the unbelievers attacked the Muslims for no reason and ALLAH (SWT) allowed the Muslims to fight back u hypocrite human trashcan.

          5. Author

            Please tell me, expert on Islam, why is ISIS fighting against the Taliban? Which of them has Islam cooler? Does Allah require the faithful to dress hostages in orange jumpsuits and slit their throats?
            And if Islam is such a great religion, then why didn’t Islam become the main religion in Europe and the USA?

        2. Your ignorance is showing, as much as your islamophobic animal instincts

          How dumb do you feel having to torture muslim women that refuse “civilization” as she covers her body and refuses to sell her dignity for horny imbecilic losers, while playing the innocent card in socials?

          If you are too ignorant to buy books, the least you can do is googling india and islalmic rule

          1. ?What a fuccking faggot mf u guys must be, surely having no knowledge than mere school books.
            Your mf islam was born in 7th century, while buddhist and hindus were already having a glorious space, and institutions. later on you maclecchas barbarians came and destroyed our places, and looted us. motherfuckers. Islam ruled indian subcontinent for 300 years and turned it into a shithole within that period, and then came those benchod whites gay men who just increased the atrocities.
            After you took our 45 trillion dollars, millions of lives, smashed our system, now u wanna look down upon us. FILTHY RELIGION AND FILTHY SPACE, THAT’S WHAT UR REALITY IS!

          2. @krishan, let me tell you , you’re just a ungrateful filthy subhuman, instead of thanking the white men , who brought a little bit civilization into your shithole “india” and the fact that you’re using your masters language and even using the internet ( your master ” WHITE MAN CREATION) just show’s how much pile of shits you shitskins are. Again, I repeat the same question, if your country was REALLY far advanced by rest of world then how come the ” muslims ” ( whom you are calling motherfucker) ruled you for 700 years? Why you shitskins couldn’t defend yourself when they came to ” rape, kill, loot, slave” you all? Same goes for white men, whom you are calling barbarians right now , colonize you? Why did you let them steal and loot your ” 45 TRILLIONS’ ? Just accept the fact that you are jealous of white men because of how much they have developed and you shitskins couldn’t. Your country needs a nuking anyways. And last thing I’m from South korea, and I’m a girl you faggot. Ohhhh but wait- don’t you subhumans also like our k-pop and BTS ? LOOOLLLLZZZZ

  4. You’re lying. Prove your blame-shifting lies with a link if you can, sleazy Indian shitskin. You know very well that none of this is true and you’re just blaming your problems on someone else.

    Evidence says: he was just dating an Indian girl. You goatshits couldn’t handle it.

    1. ( Response to Krishan above. )

    2. If your white faggot retarded cousin rapist ass ever tried to read anything on Indian subcontinent which you fruits now call ‘South Asia’, you’d not write this shit, im a bit late so if you haven’t kill yourself already, ask me one and I’ll give you links to 17 different books and articles from web archive until then keep your ugly face buried in your ass motherfuckr

  5. lmao. it’s quite famous. In europe, these shits have grooming gangs. in india too, they do the same. in america too, they have it.
    Islam virus is spread all over the world.

    1. Islam is still better than your fucking subhuman race atleast…look at Saudi Arabia how much beautiful the place is…and now compare it with ur shithole and learn the difference u subhuman

      1. saudi is better? lmao
        fcing islamic terrorist. nothing else you are!
        saudi just gave right to women to drive cars and to even watch sports in stadiums!
        fckin faggot sub human you are. piece of misogynistic shit! we have a wrod for people of your likes chutiya lootera!
        they don’t even provide gay rights, which ur father prolly was. And from the tones of yours, looks like some saudi came and dropped you into ur mom’s womb. lmao
        wannabe arabs! fck off white skin intellectually inferior shit

        1. You’re right, indians, arabs, you’re all equally shit.

  6. Leider sehen immer noch viele Völker – insbesondere das deutsche – nicht, was mit dem Islam noch auf uns zukommt. Und das, obwohl wir jetzt schon so viel Übles mit Muslimen und ihrer tödlichen und die Weltherrschaft anstrebenden, unterdrückenden und barbarischen Ideologie erleiden mussten – sind ja auch schon etliche Deutsche von Moslems ermordet, sogar barabrisch geschlachtet worden! Und hier ist deren Terrorismus nicht einmal berücksichtigt!

    Schlimm genug sind schon die ganzen, sogenannten ,,kleinen Handlungen”, die uns die Muslime so im Alltag antun (diese Taten können einen Menschen auch schon kaputt machen, zum Beispiel psychisch!). Und zwar solche Taten wie Gebietnahme (durch psychische und/oder physische Gewalt(-Androhung), Raub (verteddybärlichend ,,Abziehen” genannt), sonstige Bedrohungen (alleine die aggressiven Blicke von denen…. und dann fragen sie auch noch, WENN man denn mal zurückguckt, ob man ein Problem hat, ,,Was guckst Du?!”, sich ständig als Opfer präsentieren (obwohl sie schon alles in ihren Arsch geschoben kriegen und trotzdem immer mehr fordern!!!!!!!!) und so weiter und so fort!

    Und sind sie jetzt schon in Millionenstärke in Europa, vor allem in Deutschland, und haben wir jetzt schon, bzw. schon ewig lange, teils riesen Probleme mit denen (und eigentlich nur mit denen!!!!), holen wir uns immer mehr und immer mehr und immer noch mehr Muslime ins Land!!!

    Und NATÜRLICH wollen sie hier alles übernehmen! Das kommunizieren viele von denen sosgar sehr offen, mittlerweile.

    1. That’s what you get for being weak. Nobody asks you shit, you are simply told to follow commands, german.
      If you conduct yourself like a whore that spreads her legs for everyone, why are you surprised when someone eventually comes and treats you appropriately? You are like a husband who found his wife in bed with another man, and instead of holding them both accountable, you only got mad at the other man. Why did your wife let him in in the first place? Your wife being a metaphor for your ruling class / government. I think it’s clear enough an analogy.
      You are too afraid to be seen as politically incorrect or labelled a “Nazi” that you are sacrificing your nation, culture, and everything that sheld be held sacred, to the barbarians.
      Hopefully it was a worthwhile trade, cowardly Euro-pee-on.

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA ein Deutscher Lappen labert was von Böse Sachen machen, es sind die Deutschen die WW2 angefangen haben und 100 Milliarden Menschen umgebracht haben, du Sohn eines Köters, wenn du von einem angeblichen ,,Muslim” angepöbelt wurdest, dann war das warscheinlich ein Shiite oder Alevite und diese sind keine Muslime, sie gehören zu Islamischen Sekten genau wie ISIS nichts mit dem Islam zu tun hat, du hässliche Gestalt eines drecks Menschen, Medina wurde vor kurzem als sicherste Stadt der Welt eingestuft und das ist neben Mekka die edelste Stadt des Islams. Und Mekka wäre Nummer 1 wenn Nicht-Muslime hinein dürften um dort die Kriminalität zu dokumentieren, also laber kein Müll, du Nachgeburt eines dreckigen Nazis.

  7. Der Islam wird uns noch alle schlachten und den Rest, unterwerfen, wenn wir nicht endlich aufwachen und tun, was schon lange überfällig ist!!!!!!


    Fürs Volk und Vaterland!!!!

    1. ??????? Hitler und seine Soldaten haben euch genug geschlachtet, du Lappen, der Islam wird Frieden in Deutschland und ganz Europa bringen, das sind Fakten, und es sind doch Nicht-Muslime die dort im Video einen Muslim terrorisieren, oder nicht? ?‍♂️

      1. Was hast du uber die Zunahme der Vergewaltigung in Schweden zu sagen? Die Paedophilen in Großbritannien? Alles aus arabischen Landern. Wie kannst du sagen dass der Islam Frieden ins Europa bringen wird, wenn das aufeinanderprallen von Kulturen nur Konflikte hervorrufen kann..?

  8. And then world says Arab are terrorists Lol .. but you know thing ? Yes We should be a terrorists ! to terrorize a Shit people..
    Still, you people believe or not that Saudia Arabia is the most safe place on earth , no Criminals no Fucking gangs , and no Fucking Psychopathic people like we see in this site.

    1. I think Israel is causing you enough problems, and they’re very close too. So why don’t you start there?

  9. Screaming like a girl,why he not do that when bomb suicide ppl ?

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahahha u mean when the Non-Muslim Ukraine dude bombed himself against the tanks this year? No Muslim does that, u media brainwashed son of a bum.

      1. Author

        So that you understand, Muslims are also fighting on the side of Russia and on the side of Ukraine.

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