Stepmother burned two children

By a peculiar cruelly solved to solve problems in the family resident of Odessa region. She burned two children from her husband’s first marriage.

The woman was detained in the Savran district of Odessa region, said a representative of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Odessa region. According to him, on May 24, at 4.00 a.m. in the village of Polyanetskoy, a fire and explosion occurred in a private house, killing two children, aged seven and ten.

The source said that, according to the initial version of the specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the cause of the explosion and fire was a violation of the rules when using domestic gas, which resulted in an explosion of a gas cylinder. But during the investigation it turned out that the cause of the fire – intentional arson.

“It has been established that a 40-year-old local woman, a mother of 5 children, decided to rid her husband of his children from his first marriage. She poured gasoline on the wall of the house, then threw a bottle of gasoline through the window into the children’s room and set it on fire,” the representative said.

According to him, as a result there was an explosion and fire, 2 children died in the fire, the third child (aged 5 years) was rescued.

The source said the suspect gave a confession.

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