Thief tried to take out a box of beer between her legs

A 48-year-old Italian businessman married to a Brazilian became a defendant in a scandalous lawsuit in the city of Fortaleza. A man has been languishing for a week under arrest for daring to kiss his own daughter on the lips in front of the public.

A curious investigation began after a local couple contacted the city police last week. The Brazilian couple wrote a statement stating that a man in full view of others was kissing a young girl on the lips when they were swimming in the pool.

Meanwhile, according to a new Brazilian law adopted last month, proven cases of harassment of persons under 14 years of age can face a prison term of eight to 15 years.

Currently, 42-year-old Lisa Newsam is being held in East Baton Rouge County Prison. She could have been released under house arrest if she paid a $ 1,000 bail, Casey Reybourne Hicks, prison spokeswoman, explained.