Baby nearly dies during home circumcision


Investigators opened a criminal case against a 30-year-old man who performed a home circumcision operation on a boy who was one month old.

A 30-year-old father circumcised his one-month-old son himself. He injected the baby with lidocaine, after which the child experienced an allergic shock.

An ambulance arrived at the scene, the child was taken to the hospital in a coma.

As the man explained, he circumcised his son in accordance with the requirements of the Muslim religion. He stated that he has a medical education and he has the right to perform such operations. However, the man did not have a medical license.

A criminal case has been opened against the father of the child under article Investigation against a 30-year-old man is being conducted under article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Provision of services that do not meet safety requirements.”

Moscow, Russia.


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  1. Fuck muslims and their idiotic practices. Male circumcision removes 70% of all nerves that are very important for having a healthy sexuality. From the remaining 30% another 15-20% of nerves go numb since the glans is no longer protected. Even worse that this practice has also become very common in the USA where almost all males are genitally mutilated. Shame on humanity!!!

    1. Are u SERIOUS!?! Even in USA they are doing this????? Wtf

      1. Unfortunately, yes. It was introduced in the past in order to prevent boys from masturbating. This, however, has not worked but now the medical institutions falsely claim that the foreskin is a “failure of nature” and must be removed. According to their statements, having a foreskin leads to skin cancer and other genital diseases. In reality, quite the opposite is the truth. One can see that by comparing the statistics of penile diseases in Europe and the USA. They make a lot of money by removing this important part of the penis and selling it to facilities which focus on treating burn victims since those facilities pay a lot for a human foreskin. It is worth mentioning that all of this is going to happen right after a male baby is born. It is their strategy to do it as soon as possible so almost no one in the whole USA can compare the before and the after. 90% of Americans basically don’t know how it feels like to have healthy, ecstatic sex since their genitals have been mutilated since they were kids. This is also due to the jewish influence on America. It is absolutely horrible and proof that humanity is cruel and stupid. America is the stronghold of male circumcision and the reason why I have changed my opinion about America. Before I knew that I had a really good opinion towards America but now… Well, South Korea is also another country that performs this cruel practice on their male babies. Many men have already killed themselves because they realized that they are missing an essential part of their body and that they will never ever experience this feeling and pleasure an intact man would feel. Others suffer their whole life under this circumstance. This trend is also growing since it becomes more and more common in Europe these days. Especially in Germany. Most Doctors choose circumcision in order to treat the smallest phimosis even though it is not necessary. It is also interesting, that all of them have the same method: Lying. No patient gets informed that male circumcision results in the destruction of the majority of nerves like Meissners corpuscles or Merkel cells. This leads to the fact that circumcised males can’t even feel when they stick their penis inside a woman. Humanity should really be ashamed!!!

        1. My god THIS is so DISGUSTING. My heart goes out for all poor kids who went through this..also wtf south Korea, my country do this shit too!!??? WTFFF…ig being a girl i never knew this exist. I’m sorry

          1. Yeah, it’s awful. I can tell you that from my own experience. I’m one of the few males on earth who knows how it is to be intact and to be cut. I have been lied to and underwent this “surgery” because of some problems that could have been easily resolved by stretching my foreskin. I didn’t know what I’ve been up to since the doctor bluntly lied to my face and convinced me to do it. I made the mistake and believed him since I wasn’t aware of the severity of this procedure. After I realized what I had lost, I fell into a deep depression, realizing that my healthy sexuality was lost forever. I was even thinking about killing myself but didn’t do it since I’m a coward. I was so stupid believing that greedy doctor who ruined my life. Everyday, I suffer under this condition. However, I’m not telling you this because I want you to have pity with me. No, this is not the reason. I want to raise awareness so that one day this inhumane procedure can be abolished once and for all. Moreover, I want to tell you that if you ever happen to have a little baby boy then don’t let this happen to him. Doctors will try to convince you but don’t give in. They will lie to you, believe me. But refusing to let those monsters cut your sons most erogenous tissue would be the ultimate gift for him. An advantage and privilege very few of the other males in your country have come to experience. Also, I’m glad that you have been lucky and you’ve been born as a girl in your country so you have never had to undergo this despicable procedure. There is also an organization called “Foregen” which is currently researching in regenerative medicine. This organizations goal is to fully regenerate the foreskin of males who are suffering excessivly under this condition. This is the last hope of myself and other victims to regain a happy and cherishable life. So my advice is to protect your son (if you ever happen to have one) from this misery. That is a really well-meant advice from a 33-year old German who knows the before and the after.

          2. You have any info on Foregen’s progress? They say human trials will start around April 2023, if I read it right.
            I think even if they do succeed in it, it will cost an exorbitant amount of money and insurance won’t cover it due to it being a “cosmetic” procedure.

          3. @human genome can I get the source please

          4. @Karuki
            A very noble undertaking. If there’s a God, I’m sure He would approve of this. Only primitive fanatics would conclude circumcision to be reasonable.

          5. @Human Genome I’m pretty sure they will succeed since the progress and what they have already achieved is very promising. Vincenzo Aiello, the Foregen-Founder estimated that it will cost around 10 000$. In reality you can add another 5000$. But no matter how much it is in the end, I would do it nonetheless. I would even pay 50 000$ in order to get peace of mind and my life of happiness back. Money can’t make up for full body integrity.

          6. It’s good they are taking masure steps to solve this problem i truly appreciate they are doing this …if they succeeded which I’m sure they would then those male can again regain and get a hold of themselves. But there is one negative thought I’m having right now, the thing is after watching this website – rapes, killing, torture, dismembering, cartels, beheading and even animal abuse …my faith in humanity is I’m not SAYING this can happen BUT what will HAPPEN if they are trying to conduct bad experiments on humans and this is actually a lie. I hope ur understanding what I’m trying to say here .. because..I’m already losing hope after seeing everything almost here.

          7. In theory yes, in practice, that is a lot of money for many people. Psychologically even if you know that something is good for you, for some reason it’s just hard to part with your money. Even with things that don’t cost too much. But I agree. Everyone should do it. Tell me, you were circumcised at a later age, how did it feel before and after? Sensitivity wise, and generally?

          8. @Karuki Firstly, let me say, gore sites do have that effect on people. You may think that this is common place shit that happens everywhere, but it’s not. The tortures are mostly Mexican cartels. Those are billion dollar enterprises. Many of the hitmen you see are recruited by force and basically have guns to their heads. Yes it’s wicked, but poverty and fear have that effect on people. Not all of them particularily enjoy what they do. Some get interviewed and later say how psychologically scarred they are for having to do all that. They’re just people like you and me. Then you have ISIS, and some other organisations. Most of them are outliers and are internationally recognized as terrorist organisations. The fact that they are means majority of the world is like you and me, somewhat fucking sane.

            As far as Foregen goes, I think you are just jumping the gun here because you are distraught by the shit you’ve seen here, which is good because that means you’re a compassionate human being. Don’t get me wrong, bad people still exist, but not as much as you think.
            Foregen apparently is only funded by donations, so I don’t think they could finance lawyers and a PR team to shovel their way out of a shit-filled ditch were they to pull some Frankenstein shit or whatever you had in mind, which is very unreasonable to assume in the first place. Even CIA couldn’t get away with some things, and they have quite a bit more funding than Foregen.
            So, keep your head up, most people just want a peaceful happy life just like you and me, don’t let the evil minority you see on here sap your will to live.
            Let me end this with a video (of which kind there are many examples in history):

          9. @Human Genome “Tell me, you were circumcised at a later age, how did it feel before and after? Sensitivity wise, and generally?”

            It is a difference like night and day. When I was intact I could feel my whole penis and the whole thing was very very sensitive. From the top to the bottom. I could sense the slightest surface differences (much better than with my fingers) and when I was aroused there always was some kind of a “wave” radiating in and around my genitals which felt unbelievably good. During sexual practices there was a feeling that is very difficult to describe. There is a very positive pressure inside you, your brain is flooded with waves and waves of the greatest pleasure one can ever imagine. It was the greatest feeling I could ever experience. Everytime. I often practiced “edging” which intensified the feeling even more. With the intact foreskin, my penis felt very rigid and resilient and like Foregen claims, I agree on the importance of the gliding effect of this tissue. One can’t imagine how soft and smooth it feels, letting the foreskin glide forth and back over the glans. The latter looked extremely smooth, no wrinkles, nothing. The glans really looked healthy and the interplay of foreskin and glans unleashed a firework that is beyond imagination. I could reach an orgasm within a few minutes or I could just prolong it for hours.

            After my circumcision, all of this was gone or tremendously reduced.

            Now I can’t feel the difference of any surface anymore… hell, I can’t even figure out whether my penis is inside a woman or not if I have sex. I became unable to reach an orgasm inside a woman since I feel totally nothing there. The only thing to feel something is by squeezing my penis very hard with my dry hands. But even this feeling is so minor that I can’t believe that circumcizing is legal at all. On a sensitivity scale, I would say it isn’t even a sixteenth of the original pleasure you would feel. Also the location of this area has changed. While an intact penis is considerably sensitive from the top to the bottom, a circumcized one is left with only a minor part being slightly sensitive: The coronal glans (right under the glans). But I want to say it again: This is no comparison to the level of sensitivity of an intact penis. Moreover, the radiating wave I mentioned before is also completely gone just as this unimaginably great feeling during sexual activity. What’s more, I can’t finish quickly anymore, I often have to undergo hours of “working” in order to reach an (mediocre) orgasm. I guess the only thing why I still practice this is because of the fact that the sexual drive is still there and needs to be satisfied. But everything else is gone or significantly reduced. I also wonder why most of the information which really document the true consequences of circumcision almost never mention the loss of the ability to sense things with your penis. This is, in my experience, a big deal. Sensing the environment with the penis while having sex or masturbating is essential in my opinion and losing this completely eliminates the point of sticking this thing inside something.

            And what do I feel generally? Well, after I realized what had happended to me, I fell into a deep depression. I rejected to practice my hobbies anymore. I rejected to eat. I rejected to get up from the ground. I was lying on the floor for days in total shock. I was thinking about commiting suicide. I went to a psychiatrist in an effort to overcome this depression. However, he didn’t believe a word and was trying to convince me that this was just a routine operation and I haven’t lost anything. That’s what he told me. He marked me as a liar and threw me out. I confronted the barbaric doctor again and he told me that he can’t understand what my problem is. According to him I should feel relieved that I got rid of my foreskin that was a little bit tighter than normal. I had no pain at all, but had problems sticking it inside a thight spot. Now I know that this could have been solved by stretching it but he told me that this would have been impossible. He said that my problem only exists in my head and those nerves are no big deal. In fact, no one believes me when I tell him or her what kind of atrocious act a circumcision actually is. No one takes me serious but I suffer for real. Everyday. I actually don’t go out anymore since I don’t want to visit places I’ve been to in the past and I actually want to go to. I don’t want to ruin those memories because back then I was there, enjoying my life as a “nondisfigured” male. I know that this word is very harsh and it is not true that someone who has been circumcized is “disfigured”. But I see me exactly like that. It is very hard for me to put on my jeans and not feeling my penis during this procedure. To not feeling my penis at all. Even in non-sexual situations. I don’t want to go out and enjoy the sun or the good weather like this anymore. I simply can’t. Not like that. I’m just functioning, not living. I have stopped doing sports (and that was a pivotal part of my life) and eat and eat and eat, probably because I’m trying to replace this lost function by eating tasty and unhealthy meals. Maybe I’m trying to punish myself because of the fact that I can never forgive me because I blindly believed that doctor and I made the mistake of my life. I don’t know. I can’t simply understand how someone can do this to another person. Another human being. I can’t comprehend how this is legal and how stupid and depraved humanity is. I have never done anything to anyone and nonetheless, I must go through this shit. I guess it is really hard to accept this loss when you have come to experience the full spectrum of your sexuality at some point in your life. But there is a really odd thing: Even though sexual practices feel 100x times better with an intact penis I always had control over my sex life. Now, after the circumcision, the sex life kind of controls me. I mean that I started to think about it even more. Excessively more. This has never been an issue before. It really stresses me out, being on a constant hunt after the ultimate feeling I had had before but never ever reaching it again. I know now how cruel humanity can be and I wish I would’ve never experienced it…

          10. Sorry that I am only replying to this just now. The comments don’t appear right away and you have to remember any “ongoing conversations” on this website and check manually whether there is a reply.

            Reading this I now see that it is even worse than I thought as far as the sensitivity reduction goes. I was circumcised at birth and well it is what it is. I don’t know any other outlook. It is still sensitive though. It’s not as numb as you describe, however it’s hard to really grasp a feeling you’re describing with text over the internet.
            I don’t know if it’s better that I was circumcised at birth, or like you at some point later in life when I could have gotten used to it and taken it for granted, and then have it taken away from me. Either way, we are both victims of a tragic and absolutely primitive practice, among many others.

            Again, Foregen’s human trial is planned to begin April 1st, 2023, and will last for one year until March 30th, 2024.

            Some interesting info taken from their site:

            “Phase II animal trials will provide important data for the coming human trial and the techniques our surgeon plans to pursue in developing a surgical protocol for patients. Once we have this data and techniques established, we will have a clear path to Phase III, the human trial, currently planned to begin in April of 2023.”

            “Following the successful completion of Phase II animal trials, Foregen will conduct a human clinical trial with a cohort of 15 specially selected trial participants. The exact selection process and criteria will be finalized at a later date as Phase III nears.”

            “At this time Foregen can only provide an approximation of the final cost, which we estimate could be about $10,000. This is of course subject to change as we continue with our research and approach public release. Unfortunately insurance coverage of the procedure cannot be guaranteed either, which will be highly dependent on the country and how an insurance provider classifies Foregen’s procedure. It’s possible as the culture changes surrounding the topic, there may be an opportunity for coverage, but it must be stressed that this is not assured.”

            “Will there be a big enough supply of donor tissue before 3D bioprinting is available?

            Due to scarcity of tissue, there will be a wait time, but we will try to treat our supporters first. As we progress, we will be able to get more tissue from various countries, given that most leave males intact. Eventually, we intend to transition to a 3D bioprinting method once such technology achieves the necessary ability to reproduce the complex nature of the foreskin.”

            “Where does the donor foreskin actually come from?

            The donor foreskin is taken from a consenting, potentially deceased, adult male. The donor foreskin will undergo a process called decellularization that strips the foreskin of the donor’s cells and DNA. It is then seeded with your own DNA to regenerate the structures of the foreskin, which means the foreskin will be truly yours.”

  2. I’m an Muslim and as a person who has been circumcised, it’s not good. It’s painful for the first year. And when I pee it fucking doesn’t go straight at first it goes at a random direction and then goes straight after a second which makes the toilet seat submerged in piss. I hate this practice. I’m currently trying to find ways to recover the circumcise when I turn 22 thru surgery. Fucking hate my dad for this. I lost about 70% of the mandatory nerves. If a father gets his son circumcised, he’s at a higher chance of jannah (heaven of Muslims in afterlife).
    Fuck him, risking my life for a higher chance at heaven.

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