One man stuffed an artillery shell into his anus

Stuck a shell in the ass

At the Royal Hospital of Gloucestershire, England, a man was admitted with a projectile in his rectum that he himself could not pull out.
An unnamed man said he found an entire 17x6cm (0.55×0.19ft) anti-tank shell while sorting out his belongings at home and “accidentally slipped and fell right on top of the shell.”

The medics had to call the sappers out of fear of an explosion.

Anti-tank shells in most cases are a metal blank and in this case an explosion in the anus did not threaten the patient, but he was in severe pain and there was a danger of the ammunition penetrating from the rectum into the intestines.

The operation to remove a foreign object from the anus was successful and the sappers did not have to detonate the ammunition directly in the patient’s ass.

Gloucestershire, England.


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