Boy killed himself because of online sneering

Boy killed himself because of online sneering
Boy killed himself because of online sneering

In the UK, a 13-year-old boy hanged himself in a closet in his own home after he found insults on the internet from classmates. Casey Nibbs was found dead in the bedroom by his parents Craig and Gillian. The investigation revealed that Casey had been mocked on his homepage on the teen website Bebo.

Police questioned three girls and a boy from Kingsbury High School in Warwick. Casey’s parents say most of the students were shocked by the news of his death. The children showed extreme dislike for those who mocked the boy.

The mother of one of the students said: “A friend of my daughter once came across these messages. One of them said, “If you don’t kill yourself, we’ll do it for you.” It’s such a tragedy. Everyone’s just shocked. Parents need to know what’s going on on these sites.”

The mother of another pupil said: “Two of these scumbags had the audacity to come to Casey’s funeral. All the kids know who they are. They should be expelled from school.”

In memory of the deceased student at Kingsbury School, Bebo posted: “Hi baby, I miss you so much. I can’t believe you’re gone. I so want to see you again. I love you so much. Rest in peace.”

The boy’s father declined to comment on his son’s death. The school where he studied is closed on the occasion of Easter. A Warwick Police spokesman said: “We are investigating the cause of the boy’s suicide but do not consider the circumstances of his death suspicious.”

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