Mother strangled newborn

A 19-year-old sakhalin resident confessed to killing a newborn girl because her husband wanted a boy. This was reported in the press service of the prosecutor’s office of the region.

“During the inspection it was established that on April 3, a resident of Korsakova gave birth to a full-term and viable girl in the regional maternity hospital. On 6 April, the girl’s body was found in the ward where the mother was staying with the child after feeding the baby. The examination showed that the child’s death was violent. The reason is asphyxia from compression of the chest and abdomen,” the prosecutor’s office said.

According to them, the child’s mother admitted to committing the murder. “According to her testimony, the motive for the murder was not the birth of a boy, as she and her civil husband had expected, but girls. During the arrest, the suspect testified that she took the child in her arms, pressed him in the chest and held him until the child stopped showing signs of life,” the prosecutor’s office said.

According to the source, the acting prosecutor of the city Dimitri Bogadelchikov appealed to the city court with a request to select a preventive measure in the form of detention. The investigation of the criminal case has been entrusted to the senior investigator of the prosecutor’s office of South Sakhalinsk.

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