Pensioner from Mytishchi 10 hours fired from the police


In the village of Novye Veshki near Moscow, 61-year-old pensioner Vladimir Burdanov for 10 hours led an active defense from the police, which besieged his country house.
With the light hand of journalists, Vladimir Burdanov received the nickname “Mytishchi shooter”.


On the morning of March 30 at 11.00, police officers came to the house of Vladimir Burdanov, located in the Mytishchi district in the village of Novye Veshki, 4 km from Moscow.

Vladimir Burdanov was accused of illegal possession and sale of weapons.

Burdanov refused to let the police officers into the house, barricaded himself on the 2nd floor of his cottage and opened fire on the police officers.

Cottage village Novye Veshki
Cottage village Novye Veshki

In response to his actions, additional police and Rosgvardia forces were brought in, Burdanov’s house was cordoned off, and subsequently the entire village was cordoned off.

In addition to Burdanov, his wife, daughter and son-in-law were in the house, whom Burdanov, after negotiations with the police, allowed to leave the building.

The assault on the house of Vladimir Burdanov in Mytishchi

At about 12.00, a SOBR detachment began an assault on Burdanov’s house, which ended unsuccessfully. Vladimir Burdanov fired from the windows of the 2nd floor with automatic weapons and threw grenades at the SOBR* soldiers.

(*)SOBR – Special Rapid Response Unit.

Then he blew up the stairs leading to the 2nd floor to make it difficult to storm the building. At the same time, one officer of the National Guard was wounded in the leg.

Soon the assailants opened fire on the windows of Burdanov’s house from a grenade launcher, as a result of which a fire broke out in the house, but was extinguished by an automatic fire extinguishing system.

After several shots from a grenade launcher, the fire flared up again and engulfed the entire house. Vladimir Burdanov was forced to go to the attic of the house where he died, poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Mytishchi shooter died in the fire
Mytishchi shooter died in the fire

Vladimir Burdanov was not the poorest person; on the territory of the site adjacent to the house there was a private zoo where rare species of animals, a tiger and 2 crocodiles were kept.

Social networks ridiculed the inept actions of the Russian power structures, which for 10 hours could not arrest one person.

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