Pensioner lived next to his wife’s corpse for a month until he died

Death from alcoholism

The bodies of pensioners aged 61 and 62 were found in the apartment. The woman died 1 month earlier than the man.

The bodies were discovered by a friend of the couple. On January 31, she took the keys to their apartment from their son, who lived separately, and entered the premises. When she saw the bodies, she immediately called the police.

On January 31, a friend of the pensioners decided to visit the couple.

The investigation team found out: the body of a 61-year-old pensioner, located by the sofa, had been lying there since mid-December. The 62-year-old woman in the same room had died a month earlier and was already decomposing.

There were no signs of violent death in both cases, and there were no signs of forced entry on the apartment doors either. The son of the deceased couple reported that the parents led an asocial lifestyle and abused alcohol: 37 empty vodka bottles were found in the apartment.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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  1. Like I said, alcohol will fuck you up. Kills more than the opioid epidemic, either directly, or through suicide

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