Pepper Spray, The Beaten Girl and the Life of Addicts


The dude drank alcohol in the company of the girl, but something went wrong and the languid evening turned into a massacre.

On the basis of hostile relations, a young man born in 2000 first he sprayed a can of pepper in the apartment, and then started running around the floors and shouting that drug addicts had turned on the gas.

Then he severely beat the girl, to whose help two of her acquaintances came.

It was not possible to calm down the addict and the residents called the police and the Ministry of Emergencies.

The dude was detained, his identity was established, and the girl wrote a statement to the police about the beating. The girl did not confirm the fact of joint drug use. The incident took place on January 2.

Now in Russia many people have New Year’s holidays, you will see a lot of all kinds of drunken shit from this country.

Tomsk, Russia.

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