Drunk driver crashed into a pole at high speed


The car sharing car crashed into a pole driven by a driver who was in a state of intoxication. The car was torn apart, but the driver remained alive and received little or no damage.

Extended version of this video in our Telegram channel.

Samara, Russia.

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  1. Sonderfurher, the navigation tab above has 2 typos;

    it says “Accsident” but it should say ‘Accident’ or ‘Accidents’ for plural.

    And “Catastroph” should be “Catastrophy” / “Catastrophies” (plural again, to be in harmony with the other tabs; “Fights”, “Tortures”, only “Suicide” doesn’t fit in as well), which should just be in “Accidents” itself because Catastrophies and Accidents imply the same thing.

    1. Author

      Yes thank you. If so, we will definitely fix it. But this has been the case since 2003.

      1. Definitely true, grammar check it on a dedicated website if you wish. I don’t even use the panel but when I look at it, it’s in the corner of my eye and it’s slightly annoying.

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