Two pedophiles raped and killed a 5-year-old girl


In Kostroma, two men kidnapped a 5-year-old girl, raped and then killed. The corpse of the child was thrown into the vestibule of the entrance.

The girl’s mother worked as a cleaner in a cinema and took the child with her to work. When she had 10 minutes left to work, the child began to ask to go outside where a decorative Christmas tree was installed.

At this time, two men saw the child and abducted him. This was recorded by a surveillance camera.

A search was launched in the city with the participation of the police and volunteers, and soon the corpse of the child was found nearby in the vestibule of the hostel.

In hot pursuit, two men were detained. One of the detainees turned out to be 44-year-old pedophile-recidivist Denis Gerasimov. Previously, he was prosecuted for the production of child pornography and pedophilia. His 24-year-old accomplice Vadim Belyakov previously received a term for stealing money from a bank account.

Gerasimov was under administrative supervision. He was released from the general regime colony in March last year.

Both criminals have already given confessions, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has published a video from the crime scene.

Kostroma, Russia.

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