Putin’s revenge for the Crimean bridge


In response to the blowing up of the Crimean bridge connecting Russian-occupied Crimea with the mainland, Putin struck at Ukraine’s infrastructure.

The Ukrainian cities of Kyiv, Zaporozhye, Dnipro, Khmelnitsky, Kropyvnytsky, Lvov, and Odessa were subjected to rocket attacks.

Rocket strikes were carried out on critical facilities, civil support systems, thermal power plants, bridges, hydraulic systems, and residential buildings.

Zaporozhye and Kyiv were especially affected. More than 40 civilians were killed in Zaporozhye, fewer in other cities of Ukraine.

Map of missile strikes in Ukraine
Map of missile strikes in Ukraine
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  2. A couple of cruise missiles to wipe the smirk off their faces. They were so eager to “ruin Vlad’s birthday”, now they’re gonna cry like entitled children again

    1. Not a couple of missiles, but about 80 and about 30 kamikaze drones. About 70 people were killed, more than 110 were injured. All of them were civilians.
      Yesterday the shelling continued. They are deliberately bombarding schools and hospitals.

    2. You must like it.
      Pictured is General Surovkin, the Russian commander of troops in Ukraine.
      In his speech to the mobilized, he said the following:
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      1. Sounds like something I would say. See Sonderfuhrer, why are you not more like this guy? lol
        Jokes aside, that guy sounds like he would use nukes if he had to

        1. You can volunteer for the Russian Army -)
          I don’t like Russia’s migration policy, but I don’t want to kill anyone on ethnic grounds.
          There is no doubt that this asshole will use nuclear weapons. For 20 years of propaganda in Russia, a lot of assholes have appeared.

    1. Save from what? I thought you guys were the feared tough guys. You’re a victim now?

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