Ukrainian SRG attacked the Belgorod region of Russia


Several SRGs with a total number of more than 80 people, supported by tanks, entered Russian territory. In the Graivoronovsky district, there is a battle with the use of aircraft.

The SRG includes fighters from the Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’ and the ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’, consisting of Russians who have defected to Ukraine.

The border outpost near the village of Kozinka was attacked, there are dead among the Russian border guards.

A warning about a possible nuclear strike is broadcast on the radio in the Belgorod region.

Russian troops are trying to push the SRG out of the Belgorod region.

Belgorod region, Russia.

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  1. Автор, что не выкладываешь как несчастных укропитеков, точнее укроборосов под Белгородом или Бахмутом разбили? Зачем свиньи туда полезли?)

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