A schoolgirl was drowned in a bath and two friends dismembered

Schoolgirl drowned, dismembered and eaten
Schoolgirl drowned, dismembered and eaten

On the evening of January 19, 2010, two young people gathered to visit a 17-year-old girl. As usual, they drank, and then, as usual, they quarreled.
Toward night, a high school student went to wash in the bathroom, and at this time, one of the guests was already urging the other to finish off the girl.

The door to the bathroom was open. The friends went there together and drowned the schoolgirl in the bathroom, and then they cut them with kitchen knives.
They roasted some of the entrails of the murdered woman in the oven with potatoes and ate

The criminals put the remains of the body into several plastic bags and threw them in different parts of the city of St. Petersburg.

Both detainees confessed to the murder at the first interrogation. They explained their action by the fact that they were drunk and hungry.