Tik-toker shoots himself while filming


19-year-old Pakistani tik-toker Hamidullah shot himself while filming another short video with a TT pistol.
Friends took him to the hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead.

It remains unclear whether this was suicide or whether Hamidullah accidentally shot himself in the head. An accident is not excluded, the tick-toker could simply forget that the pistol was loaded.
The police are investigating.

Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

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    1. Darwinism Lol what do you mean.

      1. Darwinism… Survival of the fittest… OP is indicating that this boy died because he was lacking the necessary knowledge to live by not knowing not to play around with guns.

  2. It’s clearly suicide, you can see how confident his stance and you can put an intuition on his facial impression that he wants to commit suicide.

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