Dismembered murder


They shot the dude with a pistol and then hacked the corpse apart and cut out the heart.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. I bet this crazy and primitive pieces of absolute shit doesn’t have any kind of emphaty left in their minds.

  2. I mean they’re brown so it’s to be expected from these inferior subhumans

    1. So you mean Jeffery Dhammer is Brown too?? There are more maniacs in US then anywhere in the whole fucking world, but most brown people are shitfccks sea too

      1. What does one individual have to do with anything?
        Have you had statistics in high school, imbecile?
        Niggers are disproportionately represented amongst serial killers as well, besides their other crimes such as existing.


        Leave the critical thinking to us white people.

        1. You are a disgrace to your mother you racist white supremacist

          1. No arguements? Just an outpouring of emotions?
            White supremacy is the way of the world, subhuman, and you know it.

    1. You’re right. This behaviour is completely acceptable. Nothing “subhuman” about it. Killing eachother and cutting hearts out. Just another day in nigger land

      1. Stfu I’m Mexican and tbh I find you comment offensive

        1. Dude, don’t pay attention. It’s full of racists.

  3. these latin species carry on the tradition of their ancestors such as aztec during medieval times, they used to enslave villages and sacrifice men to their gods and toy around with those whom they hadn’t sacrificed in lethal games, they use to brutalize their slaves and now their children follow their step.
    one shouldn’t be surprised how these species behave since its nothing unusual..

    1. Until Hernán Cortés sailed over and showed that humans are above animals, no matter the apparent brutality of said animals. And look, they’re still speaking Spanish, to this day.

    2. I’m a brown person myself, I’m indian but never ever in my entirety of my life have I seen more gruesome aweful killing videos like these, uuggghh
      Such a primitive mentality, now I’m glad white people took over the land and brought a little bit of balance

      1. Atleast there is brown/black person with brain on this website who understands us white motives. You have my respect.

        1. Don’t get too happy shithead he’s a braindead white ass kisser. We have one like him in about 500,000 here.

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