Dismemberment. Ripped out the heart, cut off the head


Dude cut off his head and tore the heart out of his chest as a deterrent. Dismemberment. Probably Mexico.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Hi, im brazilian and this video was made by brazilians, problably criminal faccion

    1. What the fuck is wrong with your country? I hope it gets nuked

      1. something much worse happened to Europe, called 2nd world war, where children, women, and inoccent people were killed by shots, bombs, grenades. If had good cameras and internet during that time, you would meet the real gore.

        1. That’s better than people acting like animals. When your country is at the point of no return Brazil and Mexico need some nuking

      2. I agree. Brazil and Mexico needs to be Nuked ASAP

  2. All of these sick and twisted videos of humans being tortured, dismembered, ripped apart (flesh and bone) disemboweled…Doing to our fellow man unthinkable acts of unnecessary violence are all in countries outside of the U.S.. Thank GOD!! We don’t need people who think that this level of violence is acceptable in our country. PERIOD! Y’all stay in yours and can kill each other all you want as barbaric as you see fit!! Fucking animals!! DISGUCTING!!!

    1. God how I hate entitled spoiled Americans. Your country certainly isnt the best and is currently helping to provoke a war

      1. Note how most barbaric animalistic violence happens in nigger countries.
        Here’s some food for thought:
        What seperates man from the animals? The Mediterranean Sea. And the US – Mexican border.
        And the Indian ocean. And the Russian – Mongolian border. And the Black sea. And the Greece-Turkey border.

      2. He was already dead at the start of the video, lame

  3. Hopefully, the coronavirus will wipe off all of humanity.

    1. Why all humanity, you melodramatic effeminate boy? You don’t see this type of violence in white countries, only in various nigger variation countries. Sandniggers, swampniggers, actual niggers, etc.

    2. Not humanity only South America so these subhumans stop hopping over the border along with niggers and sandniggers after we send them back

  4. Get the heart to hospital for implantation to help someone with a sick heart.

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