Prisoner being beaten in a Russian prison


Background: During the search in the cell, the guards scattered the prisoner’s food, trampled it under their feet. The prisoner started to protest, he is a Muslim
The prisoner was stripped and invited “for a conversation”. As a result, the guards pounce on him and severely beat him. Abridged version.

Full version, mostly spoken:



109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Noch viel zu nett. Bin schwer enttäuscht, von den Russen. Die waren mal härter drauf.

  2. Typical cowards. 1 on 1 they piss their dirty underwear

  3. Nein, jeder von ihnen würde den Affen alleine ficken!

  4. Thats mere demonstration to the fact that everyone ( christians, jews, gays, feminists, atheists, monkey worhippers….) are aiming at Islam because the latter strictly forbids: adultery, profit, night clubs, civilized women meaning they like to be sophisticated ‘ly’ naked, sexual perversion….
    Even China is torturing the minorities of Muslims, what a joke the media is

    1. In some Islamic countries, there are laws prohibiting the sale of a camel if it was previously fucked by the owner of the camel.
      What do you say about the “purity of Islam”?

      1. ?? Do you hear yourself? The very existence of laws against fucking camels DISPROVES the “purity of Islam”?
        I see a lot of comments by you and most of them are badly thought out and lacking in common sense. In other words you sound like a fucking idiot. Also, laws in a country you deem to be “islamic” or calls itself “islamic”, doesn’t mean that 100% of them originate from an islamic standpoint. There are traditions too, and if there is any degeneracy, its source is the people, not the teachings. Also, I’m sure every sane person on this planet would agree that beastiality is fucking wicked, I dont think anyone in their right mind will try to justify it. Are all russians pieces of shit because Putin is? Are all germans Nazis because Hitler was? Do all christians bash babies against rocks because of that one verse in the Bible?

        1. About the “purity of Islam” it was sarcasm if you didn’t get it. Sexual deviations occur regardless of religious beliefs. And what about Islam? Executioners in Russian prisons don’t care. They beat people regardless of religion.

          1. I understood your comment as:
            “why would there be laws against commerce of camels that have been fucked. Is camel fucking so prevalent that there need be laws against it? Teehee, what you say about “purity of Islam” now? ”

            I knew it was sarcasm, just not the subtext behind it.
            The prisoner beating is a depressing theme. If the very executioners of the law don’t care about the law, what is stopping them from coming into your house tomorrow.? Granted, these people are criminals and the general populace is better off without them, but nowhere in the books of law does it say “once you go to prison, you may get your skull split open or regularily ass fucked, whatever the whims of the people in power may be”. So it’s a very dark notion. Aren’t rules and laws what seperate us from the animals, and keep chaos at bay?

          2. Well, that’s what happens in Russia. They come to your house at 6 in the morning, break down the door, take away all computers, laptops, mobile phones. They take your credit cards and take you away for questioning by the police or the FSB.
            And now attention! Just because you are a witness in some criminal case. Not accused, a witness.

            As for the prison in Russia, there is one rule – the prisoner must suffer.
            And no one cares if you’re not guilty.

            However, this is a double-edged sword: if the law only works one way, then why should I obey the law?

          3. I think it’s because of the remnants of the Soviet mentality that are still in the air. I think China, North Korea etc. have a similar aproach.
            I’m guessing their position is: you don’t have to obey the law, but if we catch you, you’re getting a thorough stomping.
            It creates this sort of survival of the fittest atmosphere, which I frankly think a society is better off without. You want high GDP, high scores on various Human Development Indexes, High education rates, Low crime rates, Low corruption, etc. This makes for a strong people. But you can’t have it if you’re getting off on beating your countryman with a baton until his body goes through all colors on the rainbow.

    2. Hhmn ok prude kid, we know you have sexual Issues and is a homophobic and misogyny guy

    3. ISIS, Daesh and all the thousand other splinter groups prove daily that Islam is a religion of violence and hatred.

      1. ISIS and Daesh are the same group.
        And then you say “and all the others”, as if you know any other group.
        You don’t know as much as you think you do. People join these groups for a variety of reasons, none of which resemble the cartoonish image you have in your head of frenzied religious fanatics raving about their plans of taking over the world by killing other muslims out of all people. The world is more nuanced than your little simple black and white brain could ever comprehend. But that’s not surprising, most of you Americans today are dumb as fuck.

        Whenever you idiots talk, all I hear is “bla bla bla CNN tells me how to think bla bla bla”.

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