Burnt corpses of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


A Russian soldier collects trophies near the destroyed Ukrainian equipment and demonstrates the corpses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
The voice-over calls the dead fighters ‘burnt faggots’.

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    1. Author

      I assure you that there are several hundred times more such videos from the Ukrainian side.
      APU began to use drones much earlier. If my memory serves me, the first time I read about it was in 2018, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine started using agricultural drones in the Donbass.
      We do not publish such videos, with rare exceptions. But they are no less spectacular than what we looked at vidmax.

      1. I wonder how cheap those drones are. They’re just minimalist fixed-wing drones with a 0.5kg – 5kg explosive load, probably PETN or RDX, which are the usual explosive fillings. And here you have them putting shit out of comission completely or badly damaging it at least. If it’s badly damaged, it might as well be destroyed. It’s like wounding a soldier. Same as killing him, even worse actually, you have to treat him and carry him around.
        This is the reality of war. All these military strategists and armchair generals love to look at numbers and make all these predictions and theorize about how the war will play out. It’s like planning for a street fight, it never works, it’s unpredictable and impossible, and the simplest tactics work best. War is like a street fight but with much more dire stakes. Look at Vietnam, they had all those predicitons thinking “superior military capability” would lead to a quick victory. It lasted almost 2 decades, 60k dead US soldiers, 150k wounded, 1 trillion dollars today’s money. Lol.
        Even Russia said this war will be over in what, 2 weeks was it? I don’t know if they really believed that and just said it as a morale boost, but it sure sounds stupid now after 1 year and little to no progress.
        How do they defend against such small drones?
        One would think some sort of AA gun battery, or a mobile CIWS style installation? They have all these infamous S400 and S300 systems, meanwhile drones weighing 10kg are destroying those same systems for with like a 1:3000 cost to benefit ratio.

        1. Author

          I could buy a simple reconnaissance drone in Russia for $3600. I believe that the cost of an aircraft-type kamikaze drone is around $ 5,000.

          To protect equipment from kamikaze drones, metal nets are installed, the infantry uses anti-drone guns.
          Electronic warfare is also used.

          Yes, they planned to capture the whole of Ukraine in about 2 weeks. Even the meme “capture Kyiv in 3 days” appeared.
          They said this to serious faces on Russian TV.

          Experts believe that in the autumn a general mobilization will be announced in Russia, now they have recruited enough people – 150,000 have signed contracts for military service and … you will laugh, but there were 6,000 volunteers in all of Russia.

          That’s all you need to know to understand what the Russians are fighting for.

          1. If they are that cheap, that is just insane how much damage they’re causing lol. S400s cost 200+ million. I’ve seen in the vid a few getting hit, or was it S300’s, still, a lot of money down the shitter.

            Ok so, for reference: (The prices for Russian military equipment, excluding minor shit like small arms and infantry equipment).
            Posted 11 years ago, some costs sourced from the Russian Ministry of Defense website, some from international trades and subsequent press, and some are rough estimates. Should still give a rough idea of what everything is worth. The prices for the miniature UAVs, the ZALA ones, go into 100k+ range. That’s odd, what do you think? Are those even the same ones? They look similar, can’t be that different.
            Since the list is made in 2012, there are no mentions of T-14 Armatas, which Wiki says 5-6 million.
            Su 57’s as well, which based on predecessor prices, possibly 80+million.

            It’s scary how college-educated “professionals” could make such a blunder as to think one could reach the capital in 3 days, and capture it too. Did they not assume there would be resistance? Can you even reach Kiev with all that equipment even on open roads with no resistance lol? Plus, it’s not just one person, it’s a whole board of experts, and they all agreed, said “yeah, 3 days more or less, sounds about right.” It’s absolutely mind boggling to me.

            6k volunteers, if that’s accurate, is quite a sad number indeed. Slightly surprising too, one would have thought more would volunteer given the perception of “Russian nationalism” and all that.

          2. Author

            I was talking about tactical drones. ZALA is still more suitable as a strategic type of Shahid (Geran 2).
            Ukrainians use aircraft-type drones with an RPG shot as a combat carrier and FLV. There are tons of videos with this.

            Armata is a myth. About 20 of them were produced and further production is not planned due to the high cost and lack of components.
            They are now riveting T-90s at about 15 pieces a month.

            They expected that the population would greet the Russian army loyally, that the morale of the Ukrainian army would be broken by a lightning-fast invasion. But they miscalculated because corrupt officials stole money for undercover work in Ukraine.

            They wanted to quickly capture Kyiv, capture or kill Zelensky, and then finish off the Ukrainian army.

            In February 2022, they landed more than 30 troops in the Kyiv region, all these paratroopers were killed.

            Subversive groups penetrated Kyiv itself, they were caught and killed. Let me remind you that then the inhabitants of Kyiv were given weapons and they survived.

            Yes, only 6,000 people out of 140 million Russian citizens agreed to kill Ukrainians for free, the rest decided to make money on this justifying it by “fighting the Ukrainian Nazis.”

          3. My mistake, I googled one of the drones listed above, and thought they’re similar in size so should be in a similar “tier” so to speak. Alas, the Lancets are much smaller actually than the ones above. So yeah, makes sense.
            Surprising about the T14 Armata, it showed promise. But hey, as we talked about before, money is the driving factor. So kind of not surprising as well.
            And yeah, it is not the brightest situation in Russia, I imagine morale is quite low, and talks of “honorable surrender” as you said, are actually igniting glimmers of hope of a fresh start, and a potentially brighter future. Or the people might be pessimistic about the new leadership since I remember you saying that a person similar to Putin will probably gain presidency.
            The thing is, that’s the kind of culture and climate in Russia. It seems that gangsters are respected and feared, people with a bit of a criminal tendency. Line up 10 people, and let people “guess” who will be next president, I think the guy with majority test-votes in this hypothetical scenario would actually win presidency in an actual run. Same for the US. Probably a white man, some business acumen, has to have some money in the bank, or be a distinguished ex-military person. It’s selecting for traits that are deemed desirable, traits that people feel will prove useful in international dealings and what not. Of course, way more factors to it than this, but this is my theory on the basic psychology of pure voting for someone. If the country is heading towards dark times with many external threats, next leader might be a militaristic and nationalist type. If there are economic challenges ahead for a decade or two, a college educated person might seem desirable.

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