Direct hit of a projectile in a dugout


The Ukrainian military demonstrates the result of the shelling of the Russian position and a direct hit in the dugout. Nearby is the corpse of a Russian soldier around which flies are hovering.


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  1. Why are you always pushing such bullshit propaganda? That was a Ukranian that was killed, and lots of the videos on here of “Russians” are actually ukrainians and the ukraine asymmetrical warfare group especially videos of “captured Russian” those are Ukrainians that dress like Russian troops to get close.. please stop the propaganda, it’s getting old…

    1. Author

      Of course, you are better versed in the intricacies of the Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​​​and you know better the features of the camouflage of the warring parties -)

      Regarding this video.
      In the first seconds of this video, boxes from under the army dry rations of green color, used in the Russian army, fall into the frame.

      At 46 seconds we see the corpse of a soldier in a typical Russian-made body armor.

      A voice-over with a southern Russian accent typical of the eastern regions of Ukraine calls the deceased fighter a “faggot” and a “condom”.

      At 1.20, a BMD enters the frame with distinct letters Z and V on the front of the armor.

      Question to you – what conclusions will you draw when you get acquainted with this information?

      1. Typical Russian bullshit propaganda fuckery, lie to their own accursed people about the real reason they invaded and destroyed cities and people in Ukraine. Putin is a very sick and ignorant savage mental fuck. Same for his fuck off supporters in his thuggish inner circle. So I’m not even surprised by the videos here of this retarded senseless war.😂🤣😆😁

        1. Author

          You are absolutely right, but you apparently misunderstood the meaning of my comment.
          I see how Russian propaganda gives lies to an inexperienced Internet user in Western countries.
          Unlike them, we publish videos without any cuts and talk about what is actually shown on the video.
          And if we see green bags with Russian army dry rations on the storyboard, then this is definitely not a Ukrainian dugout. And if we see the letters Z and V, this also confirms our opinion.
          And certainly a Ukrainian would not say looking at the corpse of his comrade that this is a faggot and a condom -)

        2. I’ll add something.
          If the video shows a corpse in black army boots, then with a probability of 99.99% it is the corpse of a Russian military man.
          If the corpse has “number” camouflage in small green squares, this is the corpse of a Russian military man. The same goes for body armor.
          If the helmet of the 1942 model is on the corpse, this is the corpse of the Russian military.
          If there are white, red or silver bandages on the corpse, then this is a Russian corpse.
          If the letters Z, V, or O are on armored vehicles, this is Russian military equipment.
          If a tank is equipped with fine-mesh proactive defense, it is a Russian tank.
          If the corpse is wearing olive camouflage, a khaki fleece sweater and army boots similar to sneakers, this is the corpse of a soldier of the AFU.
          If a helmet with ear protrusions is on the corpse, this is the corpse of a soldier of the AFU.
          If there are yellow or blue bandages on the corpse, this is the corpse of the AFU.
          If the armored vehicles have a large yellow-green camouflage, this is the armored vehicles of the AFU.
          If there are stripes, crosses or a circle on the armored vehicles, this is the armored vehicles of the AFU.
          Also, proactive protection from large blocks was used on Ukrainian tanks.
          Captured military equipment on both sides and the uniforms of the Russian mercenaries Wagner and Lira can be misleading.
          Also tactical military helmets are used by both sides.
          I think this is enough to understand where someone is.

          1. Lol you read the daily mail too lol?

    2. Author

      I will add that we have thousands of videos with Russian POW. We do not publish them because they are mostly colloquial. You can read interviews with Russian POW here.

  2. However, I must admit that my guideline regarding the color of the packaging of army dry rations was wrong.
    Both in RA and AFU green packaging. Only Russian ones in a green cardboard box, and Ukrainian ones in a green bag.
    In the photo on the left is the daily ration of AFU, on the right is RA.

  3. I see no evidence of shelling and the flies is bs

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